Tips for Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding

Tips for Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding

Winter is a really magical time of year - if you want to get married during Winter, there are a few things to consider.

Winter is a truly magical time of year, and a winter wedding can be extraordinary and romantic however, there are some inevitable issues that go hand in hand with a seasonal weddings. Although the darker months become a stunning backdrop for warm fairy lights, fireplaces and rich wines, you'll have to embrace the problems they bring. If you dream of having a winter wedding, it is easy to avoid these problems with a little preparation and planning. Diamond Heaven have put together some tips and tricks to help you enjoy the perfect winter wedding... We expect to see our invite in the post!

Winter Accessories are a Must!

If you're saying ‘I do' between December and February, then you need to invest in wedding accessories that will keep you and your wedding party warm. In the UK, the temperature has been known to drop to as low -27.2°C (Met Office), so you need to be prepared for the worst. Faux fur boleros, chunky knit cardigans and satin capes are great options, alongside long sleeve wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses. If you and your bridesmaids are wearing long dresses, then sneak a pair of thick tights on - you'll thank us later. The groom and his groomsmen could even go for a sophisticated velvet blazer to keep them warm.

Think About Your Wedding Shoe Options

The great thing about a winter wedding is the stylish range of footwear you can choose from. Boots can be an effortlessly sophisticated, as well as close-toed heels, or an open-toed boot. This should also be applied to your Bridesmaids as well.

Indulge in Sequins and Glitter!

Winter is all about that diamond sparkle and shine, so get glitter happy! Sequin bridesmaids dresses will look effortlessly classy - especially in rose golds and deep reds. If you've got children and young adults attending your wedding, why not have a glitter make-up station where they can get some glitter on their face? Glitter always looks spectacular in photos.

Look After Your Skin and Prep.

Winter is notorious for drying people's skin out and causing dry, chapped lips and sore skin. Crack skin is inevitable when it comes to Winter, but you can keep it moisturised with a nourishing cream of our choice - rich facemasks will also help cleanse your skin.

Plan for Extra Travel Time and Stick to One Venue.

During the colder months, the traffic is always delayed, so you should plan for this and give your guests and yourself extra time to get where they need to be. It doesn't matter whether you're one mile or 50 miles away from the venue - give yourself enough time! Alongside this, you should try and have both the ceremony and reception in the one venue, or in separate venues close to each other. This will prevent any transport mishaps should the weather turn.

Create Atmosphere and Romance with Candles and Fairy Lights.

The winter means darker mornings and evenings, so be prepared for it to get dark very early on. You can offset the bleak winter evenings with flickering warm candles and draping fairy lights across the wall.

OPT for Winter Wedding Colours.

Winter colour palettes are beautiful, so why not stay with the theme and choose a winter wedding colour scheme? From warm, rich tones of berry reds and purples, to sophisticated blacks and golds, or ice cold silver and blues, you can make your wedding venue a winter wonderland.

Give Out Blankets and Hot Drinks.

Should you choose a winter wedding, you need to make sure your guests are toasty. Give out fleece and chunky knit blankets to offset the cold, alongside hot chocolate, tea and mulled wine. A hot drink on arrival is a simple idea that will set the scene.

Give Out Wintery Wedding Favours.

Get creative with your wedding favours - whether you're giving out blankets or pashminas, outdoor sparklers, gingerbread cookies, mulled wine spices, candy canes or miniatures of Irish Cream,  your guests will be thrilled!

Go for Diamond Jewellery.

Brilliant ice white diamonds are the perfect compliment to any wedding outfit, and will enhance the winter theme of any winter wedding. Whether you choose to go for en elegant diamond tennis bracelet, or statement diamond necklace, diamonds will make your wedding sparkle. Check out our range of diamond jewellery here.

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