Summer 2019 Proposal Ideas

 Summer 2019 Proposal Ideas

Diamond Heaven have collated together some of the best summer proposal ideas to guarantee a memorable and happy surprise.

The summer months are a popular time for everyone, but if you're looking to pop the question, then it is a better time than any! With flowers in bloom, warmer weather and an abundance of outdoor activities to choose from, summer is the perfect opportunity to present a memorable and romantic setting that will accompany your all important question. Here at Diamond Heaven, we've put together a few of our favourite summer proposals to consider this romantic season that are bound to leave a lasting impression on you and your beau.

Beach Proposal

When it comes to the perfect summer proposal, you cannot beat a classic beach proposal. Whether you decide to take your partner for a sunset evening stroll or decide to plan something more eccentric, make sure you pick the perfect moment and make it seem as seamless as possible. Surprise them by writing it in the sand or go shell collecting and bend down to pick up the ring before getting down on one knee.

Rowing Boat Proposal

Plan a romantic outing and hire a rowing boat where you and your partner can spend some secluded time together away from any distractions. Here you can enjoy the summer sun, sit back and relax on the water before picking the perfect time to pop the question. Make it extra special by packing a surprise picnic, accompanied by some champagne to celebrate! Just make sure you hold on tight and make sure the ring goes straight from the box to the finger! We wouldn't want any proposal disasters!

Summer Picnic Proposal

Speaking of summer picnics! If you want to enjoy the summer sun without the risk of going overboard, plan a romantic picnic and hide the ring amongst the necessities for them to find. Make sure to plan ahead and pick a good day where the weather is pleasant. For an extra special touch, take a stroll and settle down on the top of a hilltop, or perhaps they have a favourite place where they like to visit often? Make it personal and choose a place they will remember for the rest of their life.

Weekend Retreat

For the more adventurous types, or if you and your partner simply like travelling to new places on a whim, then try planning a romantic and spontaneous weekend away. A birthday or anniversary is always the perfect coverup for a surprise trip, so try planning it around one of these. Whether it is abroad or to a secluded cottage somewhere, make sure to pack the ring somewhere where they can't find it. Choose your moment carefully as well, be it at a romantic dinner, a leisurely stroll or at a breathtaking viewpoint, make it a proposal that they will find impossible to say no to!

Family BBQ  

A quintessential Summer BBQ is one affair that everyone looks forward to. Plan a family gathering and make sure you and your partner are surrounded by the ones you love for the perfect sentimental family proposal. Start by using a cover up and make a speech to welcome everyone before turning it on your partner and popping that all important question. This summer surprise is bound to be remembered for all future family gatherings, and what better way than to have your family and friends witness the start of a new chapter in your life!

Summer Inspired Engagement Rings

Although how you propose may seem the most important aspect to a proposal, the ring also plays a vital and memorable role. At Diamond Heaven, our bespoke range of engagement rings are specifically tailored to your needs, providing high quality hand-picked ethically sourced diamonds of all shapes, colours and sizes. Take a look at our range of Summer inspired engagement  and diamond rings to keep your eyes sparkling this season.

Oval Pink Sapphire & Diamond Shoulder Set Ring

Pink Sapphire engagement rings are a popular choice for couples looking for something a little more unique. This modern round pink sapphire diamond engagement ring is inspired by the summer months thanks to its choice of colour and design. Pink Sapphires are a perfect way to showcase the blossoming colours of summer flowers, bringing light, depth and simplicity, adding that extra special touch to the piece.

Round Diamond Single Halo Shoulder Set Ring

This beautiful round diamond single halo shoulder set ring is part of our Obsession Collection and has been beautifully crafted to feature a central round brilliant cut diamond. Accompanied with round diamonds set on the shoulders of the band, this stunning engagement ring is bound to sparkle under the summer sun.

Round Diamond Shoulder Set Engagement Ring

This beautiful round diamond shoulder set engagement ring is designed to accent the centre stone, creating a stunning and eye catching piece. At Diamond Heaven, all our Shoulder Set Ring designs are available in a choice of metals and diamond shapes.

Visit our website to view our full collection of bespoke diamond engagement rings and gemstone engagement rings to help sparkle up your summer proposal. Still struggling for ideas? Take our quiz to find out where you should propose.