History of the Marquise Cut Diamond

History of the Marquise Cut Diamond

Marquise Cut Diamonds boasts elegance and magnificence. But how was it discovered?

Marquise Cut Diamonds boasts elegance and magnificence. The timeless design, also referred to as ‘navette' cut diamond, translates from French to ‘little ship'. Yet many believe the shape resembles a smile - perfect as a unique gift to celebrate love and commitment! Traditionally the Marquise Cut was designed for diamonds, however, it has  since been used as an ideal cut for more contemporary gemstone designs. But where did the Marquise Cut Diamond originate from?

Who Created the Marquise Cut?

The history of the Marquise Cut dates back to the 18th Century. King Louis XV of France paid a jeweller, to create a completely unique shaped diamond that compared to the lips of his mistress. The cut has then been developed and modified, evolving it into the stunning cut known today.

The Marquise Cut is complemented by a delicate elongated surface with points on either side, creating the illusion of considerable size. Ideally, the cut should have 56 facets and the length to width ratio 2-to-1. This ensures the diamond looks extraordinary when mounted onto a ring.

Famous Marquise Cut Diamonds

Marquise Diamonds are the less common of diamond cuts. The out of the ordinary shape is sure to turn heads when worn as a beautiful engagement ringeternity ring or pendant.

Marquise Cut diamonds are the perfect choice for a unique, treasured gift to yourself, or a loved one.

The unique and dazzling design of the diamond cut makes it a popular choice for the rich and famous. These are some of our favourite celebrity marquise cut diamond rings we are obsessed with:

Victoria Beckham's Marquise Cut Diamond Ring

When David proposed to Victoria in 1998, he gifted the show-stopping Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, set on a yellow gold band.

Catherine Zeta Jones' Marquise Diamond Ring

Michael Douglas gave Catherine Zeta Jones her stunning antique 10 carat marquise cut diamond ring. The huge marquise diamond is surrounded by 28 smaller - a truly breathtaking ring.  

Christina Milian's Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

Even though Christina Milian may no longer be engaged, we are obsessed with her Marquise Cut Diamond Ring. Encrusted with diamonds, it's a real show stopper!

Our Favourite Marquise Cut Diamonds

If you want a cut that accentuates a diamond's carat and clarity, then the Marquise Cut is the perfect choice. Marquise Diamonds tend to cost less than other shapes, such as round diamonds. This makes it an affordable alternative to other cuts, despite being the same carat weight! The ability to maximise the size of the diamond, gives the wearer the appearance of slender fingers. If you are looking for inspiration, check out our stunning collection of Marquise Cut Diamond Rings at Diamond Heaven.

Yellow Marquise Diamond Halo Shoulder Set Ring

Stand out from the crowd with this Fancy Yellow Marquise Diamond Halo Shoulder Set Ring. The intense yellow diamond highlights the rare beauty of the ring.

Marquise Shoulder Set Diamond Ring

A Marquise Shoulder Set Diamond Ring is a modern take on a classic design. The prong set shoulders gives the Marquise diamond an extra wow-factor!

Not looking for a ring? Have you thought about Halo Marquise Diamond Earrings?

Why not take a look at our Marquise Diamond Single Halo Earrings. The beauty of these earrings makes it a well treasured gift.

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