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Diamond Cut

Cut is an important characteristic to consider when purchasing a diamond. The cut will ultimately govern how well the light is refracted; giving the diamond it’s sparkle. If you purchase a badly cut diamond then it will not refract the light as well and will not sparkle. Poorly cut diamonds will also give you a smaller spread for your selected carat weight.

Cut grades were developed by the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) during the 1940's and 1950's to enable independent labs to not only evaluate clarity and colour but to check the structure of the diamond itself. A round brilliant cut diamond will have 57 or 58 facets which are precisely cut and defined. While these are miniature in size they are extremely important as they govern how well the diamond is going to sparkle

It is important to ensure you select a well cut diamond so that you get a good sparkle. You may be able to save a lot of money on poorer cut diamonds but ultimately you will pay with a diamond that does not sparkle.

Which cut is for me?

We would always recommend our customers to choose a diamond from an Excellent to Good cut. This way you will ensure you’re getting a good sparkle from your diamond. If you do want to look at the lower grade of cut we always recommend looking at them in person before purchasing.

If you’re unsure then please contact us on sales@diamond-heaven.co.uk or 0121 200 1300.


Excellent Cut

Diamonds graded as Ideal or Excellent are the top grade for diamond cut. They reflect nearly all the light that enters the diamond. They are also the best cut available, in the top 3% of diamonds in the world. You do a pay a premium for this cut however.

Very Good

Very Good Cut

Diamonds graded as Very Good cut are fantastic value for money. They reflect almost all the light out of the diamond and are very close to the Excellent cut. This cut is in the top 15% of diamonds in the world.

Good Cut

Good Cut

Diamonds graded as a Good cut reflect a good amount of light that is reflected into the diamond. A Good Cut diamond is value for money and you will get a fantastic sparkle from your diamond. This cut is in the top 25% diamonds in the world.

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