How to buy an ethical Engagement Ring

Ethical Engagement Rings - Buying Guide

Here we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the ethics of diamond supply and how you can buy an ethical engagement ring.

Your engagement ring is your most adorned possession. It embodies a love so precious that only crystals formed billions of years ago could tell. Choosing the right engagement ring comes with so much consideration from diamond shape to its cut.. 

Aside from their beauty, we understand the importance of having ethical engagement rings and the lasting impact diamonds can have which is why we only supply ethical diamonds UK and worldwide. Here we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the ethics of diamond supply and how you can buy an ethical engagement ring.

Conflict Diamonds

Given the value of the diamond trade, it is bitter-sweet that is one that is sadly exploited. In the case of countries suffering from civil war, diamonds are often illegally traded and used to fund the purchase of weapons by rebel groups against the government and further contributing to destruction and loss of life. In financing their conflict, rebels abuse the human rights of miners and often enslave local populations to forcefully gather the diamonds. These are diamonds branded “blood diamonds” in the 2006 film starring Leonardo Di Caprio. 

However, all is not lost and collectively we can use diamonds to promote the greater good. In Botswana, a partnership between diamond miner De Beers promoted the employment and education of locals that are now able to cut diamonds to trade for themselves. It's no surprise that this has seen an increase in average life expectancy and quality of life. 

Where can I buy ethically sourced Engagement Rings?

Initiatives such as the Kimberley Process set up in South Africa between diamond producing states, the international diamond industry and civil society organisations have helped to improve transparency within the diamond supply chain. It aims to prevent the diamond trade from ever directly or indirectly supporting conflict again and introduced the Kimberley Process Certification scheme in 2003. 

So far 82 countries around the world are members of the Kimberley Process which has helped stem 99.8% of the world’s global production of conflict diamonds. This has offered clarity to stockists such as Diamond Heaven to avoid purchasing conflict diamonds and only purchase ethically sourced diamonds to craft ethical diamond rings. We are also a member of the Stop Blood Diamonds initiative, which helps jewellers to better purchasing policies and how to become increasingly responsible diamond buyers. 

However, despite these efforts, there are still flaws and loopholes in the system allowing blood diamonds to still be sold in the UK. Therefore, we recommend only purchasing from reputable suppliers who operate a strict ethical sourcing policy. At Diamond Heaven all of our diamond jewellery is conflict-free, allowing you to rest assured.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are 100% conflict-free and provide an alternative for those in search of ethical wedding rings or engagement rings. Grown in a lab using the same High Pressure High Temperature procedures or equivalent CVD processes, laboratories are able to produce real diamonds with an identical structure to a naturally mined diamond. Better yet, lab grown diamonds produced in solar operated laboratories are also environmentally friendly and make for great sustainable engagement rings. The perfect statement for an environmentally conscious couple.

Fairtrade Gold

Just as with coffee and bananas, the fair trade initiative seeks to ensure that gold miners are paid a fair wage. Therefore, when searching for ethically sourced diamond rings, the origin of the precious metal is also an important consideration. This initiative achieves this by setting out rigorous standards for the working environment of mines to meet while providing transparency and traceability of its operations. At Diamond Heaven we operate a strict ethical policy and are proud to also be a part of this global mission to supply Fair Trade Gold.

To purchase ethical wedding rings, explore our online shop. Choose from a range of natural and lab grown diamond rings, or create your own custom built design using our engagement ring design service.