Wedding Planning Advice from Diamond Heaven

Wedding Planning Advice from Diamond Heaven

Congratulations on getting engaged, now it's time to start talking about planning the wedding.

We've talked a lot about proposals, what not to do and how to make them perfect but we haven't touched on the wedding. Planning a wedding is stressful enough for couples, so in this blog, we give you useful, practical advice to help plan your wedding day and make it the happiest day of your life.

Find the Venue First

A good rule of thumb is to set a one to two month period of time in the year that you want to have your wedding but don't set a date. If you set a fix date without also booking a venue, you will struggle to find a venue available on that particular date. Especially at popular venues.

To a degree, your venue picks the date for you. Setting an approximate time allowing you wiggle room when picking a venue. Once you've picked the venue, you can then set the date and know how big your guest list will be.

Create a Wedding Email Address

You will be receiving a lot of emails from potential vendors and suppliers, trying to sell their services, or your guests, asking about the catering or parking. This is an utter nightmare.

One way of making this easier for yourself is to set up an email address just for your wedding. This way, your regular email isn't clogged up with messages or important wedding emails aren't lost in your inbox. It'll take a few minutes to set up and will really help you organise your wedding.

Wedding Rings

We've covered wedding rings before and if you need help in picking the perfect wedding rings, have a look at our guide; the Essential Guide to Buying your Wedding Rings.

This guide breaks down;

  • Matching your wedding Rings with One Another

  • What Metal your Wedding Ring Could be

  • Diamond Options for Weddings Bands

  • And much more


It is important that when you consider the catering for your wedding, you need to make it inclusive for all your guests. You would know already who in your circle of friends and family have certain dietary needs but you can be surprised. So it's important you discuss this with your cater.

They are the experts and will certainly be able to provide a range of alternatives for the menu.

Think About the Weather

This is important and a lot of people don't really consider this but the weather plays a large role in a wedding. Obviously if you're holding your wedding outside, you're at the mercy of the weather and mother nature.

However, the weather can affect an indoor wedding as well. Light will be the biggest problem you'll face. Even indoors, a rainy day can ruin wedding photos by reducing the natural light. In that situation, simply talk to your photographer and see if he can supply lighting for your wedding.

We hope you've found our advice useful, but more importantly, Congratulations for getting engaged and best of luck for your wedding.

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