Unconventional Places to Propose

Unconventional Places to Propose

Asking for someone's hand in marriage is a pretty big deal, and for the perfect proposal there's lots to consider.

There's the family approval, the all important engagement ring and selecting of the right moment to pop the question. So with the why, how and when all in place, it all comes down to one more factor... where?

Paris? Florence? Prague?  The world is full of beautiful spots in romantic cities. But what's out there for the more creative amongst us? Let's look at some of the most wonderful, yet unconventional places to propose.

The Library.

If your bride-to-be is a book lover, the library will be her happy place.

It's home to scores of legendary love stories from Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester to Romeo and Juliet. What better place to mark a milestone of your own with you diamond engagement ring in tow. The big question could be a written on a hidden note within her favourite tale, or even tucked inside a mock book with a cut-out section to house the diamond or gemstone ring. Either way the best fun of all will be keeping the excitement as muted as possible!


For the adventurous couple, an underwater proposal can be truly perfect.

Surrounded by natural sea-life and the tranquil sounds of the seabed, it's the perfect setting to make a special memory. Maybe you could put your solitaire diamond engagement ring in a shell for that underwater ring box feel. Add to that the fact you can only communicate with actions (and written signs) and you have a sweet, fun, proposal to remember.

At the finish line.

A great way to celebrate an amazing achievement, is with an all-important question and that trilogy diamond engagement ring in hand.

Whether it's completing a gruelling sporting challenge or hitting a career-related goal, marking a milestone with another one on top is priceless. With whatever's going on, it's a proposal that's sure to have the shock factor, and not to mention a camera-friendly one.

At Home.

Quite simply, home is where the heart is.

When you strip out the fancy gimmicks and gestures, there's nowhere more appropriate than sharing the moment at home. A proposal can be the perfect way to settle into a brand new home, or an unforgettable way to throw off your usual routine. Imagine the relief you’d feel after weeks of hiding that vintage engagement ring in a spot she’d never find it in!

Whether you opt for an unconventional place or not, get it right with a beautiful diamond engagement ring. And make sure you remember us for your wedding rings!