Proposal Traditions Around the World

Proposal Traditions Around the World

In the UK, most marriage proposals follow the same traditional pattern. The prospective groom usually asks permission from his chosen bride's father.

Then, when the time is right, he'll go down on bended knee and present her with a diamond engagement ring to ask for her hand in marriage.

It's a process we've become pretty accustomed to. But did you know that's not how it's done everywhere in the world?

The golden touch in Thailand

In Thailand, a marriage proposal includes a ceremony called ‘Thong Mun'. This involves the prospective groom giving gold to his prospective bride's family. Gold is of course, a precious metal, considered the highest form of currency in this part of the world and is a sign of how precious his bride is to him.

Rings all round in Sweden

In Sweden, as well as other Scandinavian countries, a groom-to-be wears a ring throughout the engagement period, as well as his proposed bride. Around 1 in 20 women do the asking, with many presenting a ring for their partner as they do.

Although this isn't quite a tradition in many other areas of the world, it's a custom that's growing in popularity. It's also customary in these countries for an engagement to last 3 or 4 years before a wedding takes place.

A family effort in Africa

In some parts of Africa, including Ghana, the family take on the task of proposing with a ‘knock on the door', where the proposed groom's uncle and mother visit the house of the proposed bride to ask the family for her hand in marriage.

Whereas in tribal Kenya, a male will send beads to a woman he wishes to marry. If she keeps the bead then she accepts the proposal, at which point her family will give an ornament alongside the beads to show that they approve of the pairing.

While the details may vary around the globe, a proposal is always a very special act.

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