Destinations to Propose & Get Engaged in the UK

Destinations to Propose & Get Engaged in the UK

Not everyone wants a destination proposal, which is why Diamond Heaven have looked at a few places to get engaged in Birmingham, London & Manchester!

Congratulations! If you're here, it means you're at a really great stage in your life - you want to pop the question! How does it feel? You're probably being enveloped by a mixture of nerves and excitement. A proposal is a big deal - whether you're thinking about a destination proposal or you want to do it in the comfort of your own living room, we're here to help. At Diamond Heaven, there's nothing we love more than love, so we've come up with a few places for you to propose in the UK. We've also added a few tips in here as well, so that you can execute the perfect proposal (and then you can worry about the Wedding!) If you want to make sure you're fully prepared then don't forget to download our Proposal Guide. Good luck!

Hyde Park, London

Hyde Park is the perfect place to pop the question. This beautiful grade II listed park has 142 hectares of natural space, with so many different parts for you to choose from. The gorgeous Italian Water Gardens makes for an exquisite engagement backdrop - glorious greenery and flourishing fountains, makes the ideal spot for bending down on one knee. Whether you go to Hyde Park to walk the dogs everyday, or you're in London for a weekend break or shopping trip, a diamond engagement ring will make that particular trip a memorable one.

Botanical Gardens, Edgbaston,  Birmingham

Birmingham's Botanical Gardens is a wonderland of nature and beauty, in the heart of Birmingham. First designed in 1829 by leading Garden Planner and horticultural journalist J. C Loudon, the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham features four glasshouses; Subtropical, Tropical, Mediterranean and Arid. This divine place of natural beauty is unsurpassable when it comes to proposing in Birmingham.

Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral offers a beautiful backdrop for that once in a lifetime proposal. Manchester Cathedral (also known as the Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Mary, St Denys and St George) has a long and complex history within Manchester, with much of the Cathedral being damaged during WW2 and the 1990's IRA attacks. However, this gothic building stands tall in the heart of Manchester. What better place to show your partner your indestructible and everlasting life than in the flourishing Cathedral Gardens, in front of this resilient building?

In a Hot Air Balloon above the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is a glorious place to propose - especially if you and your beau love the rolling countryside. The Cotswolds is such an expansive stretch of land - you could choose to get down on one knee South Central England near the upper Thames, or further towards Birmingham, on Evesham Vale or Warwickshire. To make the proposal extra special, why not hire a hot air balloon and sail through the sky before you ask for your lover's hand in marriage? This private adventure will be an experience like no other.

Cloud 23, Deansgate Tower,  Manchester

Whilst a proposal at Cloud 23 Manchester may be a regular affair, it is easy to see why. Located at the highest point in Manchester, this Champagne and Cocktail bar offers breathtaking panoramic sky views of Manchester city. You can find Cloud 23 in the Deansgate Tower, but don't hide the diamond engagement ring in the Champagne though...

Floral Pop-up Swings in Covent Garden, London

London is full of wonderful surprises, and the floral pop-up swings in Covent Garden were no exception. On Valentine's Day for the past two years, Covent Garden has been transformed into Cupid's coven. Covent Garden is renowned for being floral fatherland, and Valentine's Day echoes this. Covent Garden's cherished swing and much loved selfie spot was adorned with a flourish of pink and red roses, making it one of the most romantic places to pop the question. As the swing is only there for a fleeting moment, a proposal at #CoventGardenCupid will be truly special!

Quick Proposal Tips

Make Sure You've Discussed Marriage

We hate to be that person, and we do believe love conquers all. However, when it comes to popping the question, you and your partner should've at least discussed what you want out of life, and whether marriage is on the cards in the near future.

Sort out the Engagement Ring

After the frank life discussion, you want to sort out the ring. If you've got your heart set on surprising your boyfriend/girlfriend with a diamond engagement ring, then be sure to confer with your partner's friends and family - this means you can get the right ring size and choose their favourite style. Whilst you might love an 18 carat gold cushion cut halo ring, your partner may be more comfortable wearing an 18 carat white gold solitaire ring. Some couples prefer to choose the ring together, after the proposal. Work out which way works best for you.

Whether you're planning to propose in Birmingham, Manchester or London, Diamond Heaven are here to help. You can book an appointment with us in flagship Birmingham store in the Jewellery Quarter, or drop into our Hatton Garden Shop. We've recently opened our Manchester Store in the Royal Exchange Arcade, so come in and have a chat!

Think About What Type of Proposal Your Partner Wants

Proposals in Hollywood movies are all fun and games, until it comes to real life situations... Whilst your partner loved watching the scene with the flash mob proposal in the airport, it doesn't mean they'd want a proposal of that scale. If your beau is a naturally shy person, then a grand gesture at the busiest time in Manchester Airport may leave them feeling red faced and hella uncomfortable. There are plenty of quiet spots in London, Manchester and Birmingham - so get your magnifying glass out and do a little investigating.

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