Princess Cut Engagement Rings: Fit for Royalty

Princess Cut Engagement Rings: Fit for Royalty

With classic beauty and alluring sparkle, there’s no denying that a princess cut engagement ring is what dreams are made of.

It's a style that many of us are familiar with, so much so that it is actually the second most popular engagement ring style for brides all over the world.

What is a Princess Cut Diamond?

The princess cut is a relatively new style, thought to have been created in the 1060s - though it is originated from the earlier ‘French' cut. From above, the princess cut has a square or rectangular shape, with sharp corners. From the side it can resemble an inverted pyramid as it reaches a point within the setting.

The princess cut was designed with its many facets in mind, purposely showcasing the incredible sparkle of the diamond. Its ability to really shine is one of the reasons it is such a popular choice. It is also a style that retains much of its crystal weight throughout the cutting process, which helps to keep its cost down when it comes to crafting.

Why Choose a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

So we know what a princess cut diamond is, and we know that it's a popular style - but why does it make such a great engagement ring option?

The princess cut diamond is not just a stunner, but a versatile option too. Its stand-out structure makes it perfect for a solitaire style, commanding of attention and soaking up the spotlight within either a platinum, white gold or yellow gold setting. The neat edges of a princess cut diamond are also welcoming to accompanying stones to make up beautiful trilogy and cluster styles.

The princess cut diamond continues to stand the test of time as it retains its timeless beauty. It's a style that looks great in a range of other settings, from earrings to an elegant pendant, but it is undoubtedly at its regal best when given as a beautifully precious engagement ring.

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