If the Game of Thrones Women Wore Earrings

If the Game of Thrones Women Wore Earrings

Steal the style of the Game of Thrones women with our Westeros themed diamond earring guide.

Here at Diamond Heaven there's nothing we love more than strong, fierce women doing it for themselves, and that's why we can't get enough of Game of Thrones. When the show started all those years ago, it was the men who ruled the land; leading armies, commanding troops and governing Westeros. But over the series it's the women who have proven themselves to be the true worthy rulers; freeing slaves, overthrowing tyrants, winning battles and prevailing over their enemies, it seems there's nothing they can't do. Brave, determined, powerful and intelligent, the women have conquered their foes and their fears, and looked absolutely fabulous while doing so. Bringing kingdoms to their knees, the women of Westeros have stolen the show, and our hearts, and we love them for it.

To help us cope with the long wait until season 8 is finally on our screens, we've created a Game of Thrones style guide; matching each of the Westeros women with their perfect pair of earrings. After all every woman needs some diamonds in her life, even a mother of dragons.

Cersei Lannister

Powerful and formidable, Cersei is the queen we all love to hate. The very definition of a strong and independent woman, she has overcame every obstacle and opponent in her bid for power and her seat on the iron throne. Though her morals and her strategies may be questionable to say the least, it's still hard not to admire this courageous and ferocious woman. To match her powerful and steely personality, Cersei would wear statement black diamond earrings. Strong, bold and striking, these black diamond earrings perfectly capture Cersei's armour-like persona and battle-ready demeanour.

Margaery Tyrell

Beautiful, flirtatious and cunning, Margaery is the very symbol of femininity at its finest. Utilising her wits and her wiles, Margaery is able to outsmart her enemies at every turn. Often 10 steps ahead of everyone else, she sets her mind on what she wants, and through her skills, graces and prowess, almost always gets her way. Perfectly representing her house emblem, Margaery embodies the symbol of a rose. Margaery would wear these gorgeous rose diamond earrings to match her beautiful and serene exterior, which also works to hide her sharper and more thorny underside.


A red priestess with a hidden agenda, Melisandre is the woman to watch when it comes to secrecy and mystery. Worshipping the Lord of Light, Melisandre has been gifted with incredible and mystical powers. Commanding fire, beauty and even death itself, she posses an indisputable amount of magic, and she uses this to shape and control the futures and lives of those around her. Whether you love her, or you hate her, there's no denying that she is one incredibly formidable ally, and an ever more ferocious foe. Melisandre would wear these diamond encrusted ruby  earrings to personify her fiery persona and enchanting powers.

Daenerys Targaryen

Mother of dragons, breaker of chains, leader of the Dothraki; Daenerys is the ultimate feminist icon. Compassionate and kind, yet simultaneously fearless and ruthless, Dany is a queen by blood and by nature. Despite the odds she has risen from the ashes and rallied against her enemies to build an army, create powerful alliances and tame wild fire breathing dragons. Queen of our hearts, and of style; Daenerys would wear these fabulous half hoop earrings, reminiscent of dragon's claws, to reflect her bold and striking persona.


Kind, brave and fiercely loyal, Missandei is the friend we'd all love to have. Risking everything for her friends and those she loves, she's a brave and tenacious character that never gives up in the face of danger and opposition. Clever, skilled and astute, Missandei commands a room with her confident demeanour and her skilled way with words. Missandei would wear these exquisite diamond and black pearl drop earrings to capture both her inner and outer beauty.

Sansa Stark

Perhaps undergoing the greatest character development of the whole series, Sansa has transformed from a quiet and obedient child into a strong, daring and commanding woman. Facing numerous trials and horrors, Sansa has not let her past defeat her and instead has flourished and grown both as a person and as a leader.  Commanding armies, leading the people of Winterfell and outmaneuvering those who plot against her, Sansa is a powerful force to be reckoned with. When attending a ball, Sansa would wear these simple but beautiful drop diamond earrings that perfectly capture her regality and fierceness.

Arya Stark

Fearless, outspoken and smart, Arya has been one of our favourites from the get go, and as the seasons have progressed we've only grown to love her more.  Skilled in combat, and even more adept with her words, Arya is as sharp and quick witted as her sword Needle. Defender of the meek and protector of justice, she's hell bent on destroying those who have wronged both her and those she loves. If Arya were to wear earrings, she'd wear these intricate diamond designer earrings which reflect her unique and striking personality.

Brienne of Tarth

A true warrior and champion, Brienne is a hero through and through. Overcoming the prejudices and discrimination of society, her can do attitude has allowed her to conquer not only those who stand in her way, but also her own insecurities. Rallying to the aid of those in need, Brienne is a loyal and trustworthy companion who puts duty and honour before anything else, making her a diamond within her own right. If Brienne were to trade her helmet for some earrings, she'd wear these captivating sapphire and diamond cluster earrings. These earrings are a perfect match for Brienne, not only because she hails from the Sapphire Isle itself, but because these bold and eye-catching earrings mirror her own rare and dazzling personality.