Why Buy Vintage Diamond Jewellery

Why Buy Vintage Diamond Jewellery

Antique jewellery & vintage engagement rings are beautiful, but vintage inspired jewellery will last you longer & save you money. Find out more!

Both antique and vintage jewellery encompasses a plethora of styles and decades - whether you're looking for an antique engagement ring from the 1800's, or a set of vintage women's wedding bands from the 1980's, antique jewellery is a timeless choice suiting a magnitude of tastes. What makes this classic type of jewellery so superior goes far beyond its endurance and quality; a vintage piece of jewellery (albeit a halo diamond engagement ring or an antique diamond pendant) encompasses a heritage and tells a historical story.

Vintage Jewellery vs Antique Jewellery

Today's zeitgeist sees an increased number of people looking for antique and vintage jewellery, and it appears that the terms "vintage" and "antique" has become interchangeable. Whilst both words describe jewellery from the past, there is a major difference between the two, and that is time. Antique jewellery is jewellery that is more a century old, while vintage jewelry was made in the last 100 years. However, finding that perfect piece of vintage jewellery can be a challenge, and in some instances, people want to own an inspired piece of jewellery.

The idea of a piece of beautiful jewellery with a history can either excite or scare someone. At Diamond Heaven, our antique style jewellery and vintage wedding rings is based on some of the most beautiful designs we've seen throughout history. From art-deco to Edwardian style, we replicate these styles to give you both antique and vintage inspired pieces, but you can start your own story and make history with the diamonds you choose. Here are a few reasons why you should choose to buy replica vintage jewellery:

The Cut of the Diamond is Better Quality

During early 18th century Brazil, diamonds were cut into an Old Miner's Cushion Cut. Thought of as the grandfather of the Brilliant Cut Diamond, the Miner's Cut was the earliest form of the Brilliant Cut Diamond. This style of diamond was shaped into a high crown with a small table, and had a rectangular to rounded girdle. The miner's cut diamond also featured a deep pavilion and a large pointed bottom (also known as a culet). The Brilliant Cut Diamond was introduced in the 1940's, when the renowned De Beer's diamond campaign revolutionised the Diamond Industry, and the rest is history.

A Brilliant Cut Diamond is More Desireable than a Miner's Cut Diamond

What's interesting is that even though the large culet creates a dark spot or window in the center of the diamond, the Miner's Cut holds higher value due to its rarity.   However, as there are not as many facets in a Miner's Cut Diamond,  there is less light refracting throughout the stone. When you compare this with the Brilliant Cut Diamond that features a greater number of facets and a much smaller culet, the stone gives much more sparkle. When you buy a piece of vintage jewellery, the diamond will not have as much shine as inspired vintage jewellery featuring a brilliant cut diamond.  

It's Easier to Pair a Replica Vintage Engagement Ring with a Wedding Band

If you're after a vintage engagement ring, then you need to make sure your wedding rings will match and compliment it. We get it - some brides want a women's wedding band that will juxtapose their engagement ring - but it needs to look good! Whether you're after the perfect match or a little contrast, going for an inspired vintage diamond engagement ring will make it so much easier to find that wedding band that will flawlessly suit it.

You can find the Perfect Wedding Band Match

When you go with an authentic antique engagement ring, it can be a challenge finding the original matching antique wedding bands. You might even struggle finding a brand new set of wedding bands that don't bring out the marks of a once worn ring. Going for an antique replica engagement ring also means you can get your wedding bands designed to match!

Vintage Jewellery has more Wear and Tear

One of the best things about vintage jewellery is the in-depth history surrounding each piece. However, with great history comes great wear.  Antique engagement rings, vintage wedding bands and other pieces of vintage jewellery often have array of structural and diamond problems.  You may find that you've got to fork out for a replacement on an engagement ring's shank or get the prongs retipped. Vintage jewellery also requires much more maintenance because it is so much older. When you choose replica vintage jewellery, you'll have the antique style aesthetic, but better structural integrity. It also means you won't have to increase the level of maintenance needed.