How to Stop Your Jewellery From Being Damaged

How to Stop Your Jewellery From Being Damaged

Are you fed up of seeing your precious pieces of jewellery getting damaged due to every days life situations?

Do you have a much loved tennis bracelet or gemstone necklace that is dented or missing a gem? Decent jewellery doesn't come cheap, but more importantly it holds sentimental value that money cannot buy. At Diamond Heaven, we want to make sure your jewellery is in safe hands, and if you follow these tips, you'll be an expert when it comes to stopping your jewellery from being damaged.

When to Remove Your Jewellery

First things first, knowing when and where you should remove your jewellery will minimise the chance of damage, and will stop any jewellery related injuries from occurring. Always remove jewellery during;

Exercise or strenuous activities

Whilst sweat doesn't harm gemstones, it can discolour those precious metals that are a vital part of your jewellery. Sweat will dull the brilliant shine of your jewellery so make sure that it is properly cleaned should you forget to remove your jewellery whilst you exercise. If you are partaking in a particularly strenuous activity you may catch your earrings, ring or necklace on something, causing the gemstone to smash or metals to break. Wearing jewellery whilst exercising can also cause injury to yourself and others.

Going swimming

Once again, gemstones are fine when it comes to chlorine however, rocks and hard surfaces can cause them to chip or smash should they hit something with force. It is the precious metals such as gold and silver that chlorine damages. Chlorine can cause small holes in the jewellery that look like dents. So, avoid wearing those precious jewels whilst having a splash.

During cooking

Wearing jewellery on your hands and wrists whilst cooking isn't very hygienic, and you may find yourself tucking into a side of necklace with your spaghetti bolognaise. Knives, mixers and granules of food can cause small nicks and dents in your jewellery, and the oils and ingredients used in cooking may stick to the intricate designs of your jewellery. Just don't do it.

During gardening or crafting

Similarly to cooking, gardening and crafting can cause small nicks and dents in your jewellery, which will be hard to rectify. The glues and materials may also discolour and damage your jewellery, alongside the soil from gardening.

How to Care for Your Jewellery

Knowing how to take care of your jewellery will help keep those beautiful pieces in optimum condition, making their shine and shimmer last longer.

Get your jewellery insured

From putting your jewellery in checked baggage for it to go missing, having it stolen or breaking that beautiful gold chain - it isn't easy to fix. You cannot predict the future, and it doesn't matter how well you look after and care for your jewellery; sometimes life has other plans. Getting your jewellery insured not only protects you from the financial repercussions of having to replace or repair that beautiful pair of diamond earrings or solitaire engagement ring - it gives you peace of mind.  Just avoid placing your jewellery on windowsills and keep it out of sight of sticky fingers.

Store your jewellery in a Jewellery Box

Jewellery boxes are designed with one aim - to keep your jewellery safe in a cool, dark and dry place. The soft fabrics in the interior of a jewellery box ensure that the metals and gems will not be nicked or damaged, and they come in compartments so that you can organise your jewellery and stop it from getting tangled up.

Clean and polish your jewellery

Knowing what to clean your jewellery with is half the battle, but once you know how to clean those precious metals then everything else will fall into place. If your jewellery has started to discolour then warm soapy water and a soft cloth will help revitalise your metals. Just rub, rinse and buff your jewellery and see a beautiful finish. If your silver or gold has a particularly bad tarnish, then try a mixture of baking soda and water with a lint-free cloth. This is a great way to clean intricate designs, just make sure to buff it, and you'll have a brand new ring. Don't ever leave your jewellery soaking in the baking powder as it will cause it to tarnish even more.

Get your jewellery checked up

Taking your jewellery into a jewellers to get it checked up is one of the best ways to stop any gems falling out or chains from snapping. Taking your jewellery for a check-up is a way of prevention rather than cure.

Keep it in a safe place

If you take your engagement ring or bracelet or bracelet off in the bathroom or kitchen, then there is a strong chance that it could fall down the sink and block your drains. Jewellery is tiny and often ends up being moved around by other objects, so make sure to place it in a clearly marked cup (that will not be poured down the sink) or in a place that won't see it getting thrown in the bin. Pieces of jewellery and engagement rings meeting their demise down a sink or disappearing in the washing machine is a tale we at Diamond Heaven are all too familiar with, so avoid putting it in your pocket.  Oh, and leave your jewellery out of reach of children - they replicate magpies as soon as something sparkly comes into the picture, and it always ends in tears.