10 Creative Engagement Announcements

10 Creative Engagement Announcements

From live streams, to signs and even tattoos: announcing your engagement has never been so creative!

Whether you're planning to pop the big question or you've already asked the love of your life for their hand in marriage - announcing your engagement is just as important as the question itself. The majority of engagement announcements will happen via social media, and it is important to find a creative and memorable way to announce your betrothal. Your engagement announcement should give a snapshot of your life with your partner, and potentially show off the impressive engagement ring that symbolise the next chapter in your life. Here are 10 unique and creative ways to announce your engagement to your family and friends;

Create a Sign for the Camera

Making a sign to hold up in front of the camera is a cute way to announce your exciting engagement news and show off your stunning new engagement ring whilst getting a little creative. Whether you choose to use a sentimental chalk board with pastel colours, or a piece of parchment embellished with stunning calligraphy one thing is for sure - it is a fresh away to tell everyone your exciting news. Get innovative with the framing of the sign and incorporate your interests as a couple. You could even add specific items and interests that drew you together as a couple to really inject a bit of your personality.

Use Scrabble or Board Games

Board Games are a family favourite that many people have fond memories of. Utilising board games to announce your engagement is a nostalgic and quirky way to announce your engagement and upcoming wedding. On the Scrabble board you could choose to spell out phrases such as, "I Said Yes!" and pop the engagement ring on the board. If you've got a fandom Monopoly set, such as Disney, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones (or any other interests) then pop the engagement ring next to a romantic landmark and caption the image with a beautiful quote. Board games are a really fun way to declare your engagement, so sit down with your future spouse and get experimental!

Live Stream the Proposal

Live streaming your proposal on social media will take a some planning and preparation, but it is a fantastic way to simultaneously pop the question and inform your friends and family of your engagement. The proposal should only be livestreamed if your partner is comfortable with being in the limelight, and you've both discussed marriage prior. Notifying your closest friends and family members of the time and date of the proposal means that they can watch in real-time and share the experience with you!

Announce It With a Tattoo

Announcing your engagement with bespoke temporary transfer tattoos is a really exciting and memorable way to share the news with your friends and family. This is leaves room for you to incorporate the ring and get innovative with the framing. If you're a tattoo lover, and want to leave an indelible mark of your engagement then you could consider getting a proper tattoo. However, this is not for the faint hearted and much like getting married, it should be seriously considered before making that commitment.

Get Your Pets Involved

It is common knowledge that anything involving cats, dogs or any other domestic animals is immediately 100 times better,  which is why you should always consider involving your pets in your engagement photo. To them, you are the most important aspects of their lives (and they should be the most important of yours), so make your Beagle look all handsome and place a sign next to him. Grab some wool and spell out, "We're getting married" whilst your cat looks adorable. Pop your engagement ring on a carrot near your rabbit (be careful with this one) and make your engagement announcement one that will cause a meltdown of adorableness across social media.

Use the Sky 

Using the sky to announce your engagement allows for endless opportunities, but you have to be quick to capture the shot. If you've got a few extra quid then you could hire a plane to skywrite your announcement. If that is a little too excessive then grab a couple of balloons, a sharpie and get creative. This is also an adorable way to make a save the date.

Write It in Sparklers

Sparklers are a magical and pretty way to spell out your engagement and will look truly amazing. Getting the right shot will take a little bit of practice, and you may need to show the words in more than one frame, but it will surely take everyone's breath away. You could even get coloured sparklers that will be similar to your engagement ring!

Write It Out

Find a bit of pavement and use some chalk to write your engagement - you can get experimental with the different fonts and colours to really make it special and unique. This is perfect for couples who love arts, design and typography, and will really add a personal touch to your announcement.

Use Drinks

Grab your favourite mugs and take a photo of them with your ring. Tea and coffee is a staple of many people's lives and is an adorable way to announce your upcoming nuptials. This can also be done with your favourite alcoholic beverages - just sit down with your partner and get your creative socks on.  

Send a Telegram

Announce your engagement by sending a telegram to family and friends closest to you. Whether you choose to write them by hand or get them professionally done, it is a charming and unique way to share your news and share the joy. It is just unfortunate that they cannot be sent via owl.

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