5 Things Not To Do When Wearing Your Engagement Ring

5 Things Not To Do When Wearing Your Engagement Ring

Protect your engagement ring and keep it shining on your finger for many years to come with our 5 things not to do when wearing your engagement ring.


When wearing your engagement ring, it's important to be mindful of activities and situations that may lead to you damaging or losing your jewellery.


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We outline 5 things not to do when wearing your engagement ring to help you keep it looking beautiful and sparkling for years to come.



You should never, ever consider wearing your engagement ring while participating in any water-based activities, such as swimming, water skiing or surfing. 


Chlorine and saltwater can cause damage to the metal and the setting of your ring, while the pressure of the water can loosen or dislodge the stones. If you're engaging in water activities, such as scuba diving for example, the pressure can cause your engagement ring to become loose and slip off your finger. 


To keep your ring safe, you should remove it before you swim or do any water-based activities.




It’s not a good idea to move or lift heavy furniture around your home or office while wearing your engagement ring. 


Rings can easily get caught on edges or corners, and the force of the movement can put a lot of strain on your engagement ring’s setting and stones. This can cause your ring to become bent or twisted and can also cause the stones to become loose. 


If you are transferring your sofa from one room to another for example, you should remove your engagement ring before moving pieces of heavy furniture.




Cooking and baking while wearing your engagement ring creates the perfect conditions for damaging your ring. From being unable to wash your hands effectively to dropping your ring in your food, it can create a recipe for disaster. 


Your ring can also get caught on the edges of pots and pans, or get coated in ingredients that can cause damage to the ring metal and setting. This can make the ring dull and also cause discoloration.


Before you begin cooking or baking, take your engagement ring off to avoid spoiling both your food and jewellery.



It’s important to be mindful that any form of physical activity can create risks for your engagement ring.


Your ring can easily get caught on gym equipment or your clothing can become loose and fall off during intense activities, such as running or lifting weights in the gym. In the process, your jewellery could get lost or damaged and could also cause an injury to yourself or others. 


Remove your engagement ring before engaging in any exercise-based activity, to avoid your jewellery from getting damaged.



Gardening while wearing your engagement ring can create all sorts of issues for your jewellery. 


Dirt and rocks can get caught up in the smallest parts of your ring, such as underneath the diamond for example. Your ring, which was once shiny and sparkly, is now dull and dreary. If you’re planning on doing any gardening, we recommend leaving your engagement ring inside, to reduce the risk of your jewellery getting damaged.




At Diamond Heaven, we understand the importance of protecting your engagement ring and the memories it holds. We hope the activities outlined in this piece will ensure that your ring looks just as good as when you first received your piece of jewellery from your partner.


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