The Best Gemstone Engagement Rings

The Best Gemstone Engagement Rings in the UK

A gemstone and diamond engagement ring is a wonderful gift, and the perfect way to propose to the love of your life.

A gemstone and diamond engagement ring is a wonderful gift, and the perfect way to propose to the love of your life. Whether you want a sapphire, tanzanite, ruby or emerald ring, when you choose a gemstone engagement ring from Diamond Heaven you will not be dissapointed.

What Does Sapphire Represent?

The Sapphire's name comes from the Latin word "Saphirus" and the Greek word "Sapheiros", - both meaning blue. It is also thought that Sapphire's name comes from the planet Saturn, as Sapphire roughly translates to mean "dear to the planet Saturn" in many different languages.

Sapphires symbolise wisdom, virtue, good fortune. They are also the preferred gemstone for the Monarchy. A sapphire in an engagement ring represents faithfulness, loyalty and sincerity. You can find out more about sapphire engagement ring and its history here.

What Does Emerald Symbolise?

Emeralds were discovered in the Mons Smaragdus/Cleopatra Mines in the Emerald Mountains in Egypt in 2000 B.C. The Emerald's name has links to Sanskrit and Latin. Emerald has been mined and sold for centuries, and were believed to have a number of healing powers. The Emerald Gemstone was also favourited by Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt.

It is believed that Emeralds bring goodness and positivity into one's life. They also promote inspiration and help you manifest a loving and peaceful life. As green is a fresh colour that represents new beginnings, when you gift your lover an emerald engagement ring, you are signifying humility and your desire to begin your life together.

What Does Ruby Represent?

The name Ruby originates from the Latin word ‘ruber' translating to red. Many ancient cultures believed that Rubies grew on trees, and would begin budding as small white gems that slowly grew and ripened, turning red in the sunlight. Once the Ruby became its red colour, it was ready to be plucked.

Rubies represent energy, passion and power - they are often considered a stone of love. Rubies are said to restore crucial life forces and increase a person's energy and vigor. They are the stone of courage, and were once thought to make the wearer stronger during their weakest moments.  A ruby engagement ring is a truly romantic gift.

What Does Tanzanite Symbolise?

Tanzanite is an incredibly rare stone found in 1967 in Tanzania, East-Africa. This beautiful gemstone is very resistant and is popular on a global scale. Tanzanian women who have just given birth wear blue beads mimicking tanzanite, along with blue and purple fabrics in order to bestow a positive and healthy life on their newborn children.

It is believed that Tanzanite has the power to turn negative energy into positive energy, as it helps you see your own self worth. Because of the stunning colour change from sapphire-blue to violet-blue, it is thought that Tanzanite opens up your creative mind and helps you open your consciousness. A Tanzanite engagement ring is a truly unique piece of jewellery.

The Best Gemstone Engagement Rings

Pinterest is one of our favourite sources of inspiration - we've got boards and boards of beautiful jewellery we love, along with the perfect manicures to show off your engagement ring and so much more. Here are our favourite gemstone engagement rings from Pinterest, paired with our own beautiful gemstone rings from our online store.

Round Cut Emerald and Diamond Shoulder Engagement Ring

A beautiful green emerald is a stunning jewel for an engagement ring - this deep green cushion cut emerald shines spectacularly against the channel set diamonds on the shoulders of the ring. Emeralds are considered to be a symbol of hope, loyalty and love - perfect for an engagement ring. The emerald is the sacred stone of the Venus, who was the Goddess of fertility, sex, beauty and fertility - everything a successful betrothal and marriage needs. Get your round cut emerald and diamond ring online, or from one of our diamond jewellery stores in Manchester, London or Birmingham.

Tanzanite and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Tanzanite is a beautiful gemstone that hones in many shades of blue and lilac, creating a truly spectacular stone. This oval cut tanzanite gemstone in a four prong setting surrounded by a halo of diamonds offers lilac-blue, deep blue-violet and sapphire blue against the brilliant white diamonds. Tanzanite offers many healing properties, and is an incredibly rare stone that is only found in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Tanzanite opens people's eyes to the heart, and offers new perspectives - perfect for an engagement ring that's a little different. Order your oval cut blue tanzanite halo diamond ring online.

Ruby and Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring

A beautiful red ruby packs a punch and demands attention. For those after something a little different, a stunning red ruby and diamond engagement ring much like the one above, is the perfect way to ask the love of your life for their hand in marriage. Red rubies were once thought to restore youth and vitality. Visit our showrooms in London, Birmingham and Manchester, or order your dream diamond and ruby trilogy ring online.

Pear Cut Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Punchy and precious, this stunning pear cut sapphire surrounded by a halo of diamonds on a diamond band is truly spectacular. This beautiful twist on a sapphire and diamond ring adds colour and sparkle, and is sure to suit any wedding ring you pair it with. The blue sapphire represents royalty, so you're sure to make your partner feel like a princess! Order your pear cut sapphire and diamond cluster ring online or in store!