Beach Wedding Proposal Ideas

 5 Beach Wedding Proposal Ideas

A beach proposal is a truly romantic way to ask your love for their hand in marriage.

A beach proposal is a truly romantic way to ask your love for their hand in marriage. Picture being surrounded by soft white sands, crystal blue seas that sparkle as the sun sets in the horizon. You and your partner are drinking in the spectacular views, before you drop down on on one knee and ask him or her the all important question. The sun catches the top of the beautiful diamond engagement ring as your partner shows it off to anyone walking by. If you're thinking of proposing to your beau while your on a beach holiday (whether its abroad or in the UK), Diamond Heaven have put together a few ideas so that you can take your proposal to the next level.

Write It in the Sand

Writing ‘will you marry me' in the sand sounds like a cliche, but if you and your partner are hopeless romantics, then it's a classic way to propose! Imagine how your beau will feel if he or she turns around to see it all spelled out in the sand, with you down on one knee next to the message! If you're staying in accomodation by the beachfront then why not write it on the sand first thing in the morning for when they wake up? Of course, writing it in the sand requires a little bit of planning - you'll need to know the times for the tides, and you'll need to make sure your message isn't trampled on by unsuspecting beach goers!

Propose Underwater  

A scuba diving proposal is perfect for couples who are going abroad.  If you and your partner love scuba diving and exploring the ocean, then why not make the most of it and propose while you're under water?  Book a dive for the pair of you and ask one of the instructors to fix a sign that says "Will You Marry Me" down in the diving site. Or, just dive and get down on one knee. In this instance, it might be best to give your partner the vintage engagement ring after the proposal...

Propose During a Seashell Hunt

Going seashell hunting is a timeless childhood activity that will always be fun, so why not add another layer of fun and use it as a way to propose? When you're both hunting for seashells, the last thing he or she will expect to find is a diamond ring hidden in a shell! When your beau picks it up, that's when it's time for you to drop down on one knee and pop the question! If you didn't want to get down on one knee, you could add a handwritten message with the question ‘will you marry me?' hidden with the ring. Timing and ring placement for a seashell hunt proposal is crucial  - make sure you've got the ring in the shell with you and quickly place near you while he or she is distracted. Don't ever leave an engagement ring where you can't see it, and make sure it is nowhere near the tide.

Get Down on One Knee in a Lighthouse  

Proposing in a lighthouse is super romantic - especially if it's late at night. You'll be surrounded by the crashing ocean waves and sparkling stars. It will feel like the world belongs to you and your beau. Bring some champagne (for later of course), a few snacks and watch the waves, before you ask him or her for their hand in marriage. Obviously, you'll have to get permission from the owner of the lighthouse before you arrive. Many lighthouses have packages just for these occasions so have a little Google beforehand!

Propose in a Bottle  

If you're after something timeless and romantic, then a proposal in a bottle will do the trick! Purchase a glass bottle kit online, write your message in the bottle and hide it in the sand. To make it even more impressive, use an antique bottle and a bit of parchment paper to give it that historical feel. You can hide the bottle just before you go for a walk on the beach together, and get your partner to "find" the bottle. When your partner opens the bottle and unravels the message, it's time to pull out the engagement ring!

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