10 Tips for the Ultimate Engagement Ring Selfie

10 Tips for the Ultimate Engagement Ring Selfie

Congratulations! You’ve just said yes to spending the rest of your days with the love of your life, and the ring is shimmering on your finger.

Now it is time to share your life changing news. We've already looked at a few creative ways to announce your engagement, but knowing exactly how to take that perfect photo to share with your friends and family can be a real challenge. Here are 10 tips to help you take the perfect engagement #selfie!

Tell Your Nearest and Dearest First

First things first. If you've just got engaged, before you post anything on social media, make sure that your closest friends and family find out the good news from you first.  How would you feel if you had to find out about your sibling's engagement or big life news over social media, along with the a friend from school that they haven't spoken to for a decade? A social media announcement is great, but your closest friends and family members deserve to know first. So, pick up the phone and shout your news!

Get those Nails Done!

We've also seen enough #engagementringselfies to know that there is a protocol when it comes to taking that photo. Any chipped nail polish or bitten nails will look 10 times worse next to that perfect diamond solitaire engagement ring. Perfect diamonds and gemstones deserve to be next to the perfect manicure. So, exfoliate, moisturise and manicure those hands. But make sure to go for a nail colour and style that suits you. If you don't usually go for bright red coffin nails then keep it simple and sweet.

Act Natural

Social media now have this wonderful thing called ‘Facebook Memories' and ‘Time Hop' - if you take a fake photo that looks really posed and awkward, in 10 years time it will make you die inside just like your awkward prom photo did. Making an awkward pose with your other half will probably cause your friends and family to cringe and feel super awkward about it. So, go for the gold but act natural.     

Sort out the Lighting

You want your beautiful engagement ring to sparkle and shine - so make sure you have the perfect lighting when taking your photo. Artificial light has a yellowish tone and hue that will give a horrible hue on your photo. Instead opt for natural sunlight by a window or go the complete opposite end of the spectrum and play around with soft fairy lights and candles. Just make sure that jewel sparkles and shines!

Think about the Backdrop

Your #engagementselfie should be about you and your other half. You don't want the focus of your image to be on the pile of dirty dishes in the background. If you can see a lot in the frame then make sure it doesn't over power the focus of the image... when possible, go for muted tones, and plain backgrounds.

Get to Know Your Ring, but Stick to One Picture

An engagement selfie is a beautiful thing to see on social media, but remember that less is more. A thought out image announcing your impending nuptials will add a bit of joy into everyone's news feeds, but more than one or two and everyone will be sick of your bragging and probably want to block you.  Try different angles when taking your photo, but only upload one image.  Too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

Be Creative

Get a little creative when you're taking your engagement selfie - but remember to avoid anything super cheesey. If you and your beau have his and hers mugs or a family pet, then think about ways to get them involved. But remember, posey = cringey. The props you use should enhance your #engagementannouncement - not overtake it. So, burn medieval dress-up and make your announcement timeless.

Never Ever Mention the Price

Bragging about the amount of cash your future husband or wife splashed on your engagement ring is not cool. Plain and simple. This should go without saying, but no one wants to hear about just how many 0's were on the price tag. An engagement and marriage should be about the love you have for each other, not how much money you're both going to pour on it.

Do You Really Need a Filter?

FIlters and editing apps are great for enhancing images, but sometimes they can detract from them as well. Your engagement selfie should be about you, your beau and the ring. Not about the #valencia or #clarendon instagram filter. Filters may mute the sparkle of your beautiful emerald engagement ring. Only use a filter if the ring is enhanced by it!

Involve Your Other Half

An engagement is about two people planning to spend the rest of their lives together, so make sure to involve your other half. They purchased the diamond ring and asked the big question, so make sure to include them in it. After all, this isn't just about you. Whether that includes holding your other half's hand, or acknowledging their presence in your post, remember there are two people involved in this...

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