2021 Engagement Ring Trends

2021 Engagement Ring Trends

As we head towards the end of 2020, our thoughts are already turning to 2021. This is our first look at the engagement ring trends for 2021 featuring designs we expect to see become popular in the coming months. So if you’re planning to pop the question soon, our list of the 2021 engagement ring trends is the best place to start.

1.Sustainable Engagement Rings

With more information available about the damage we’re doing to our planet, the push for more sustainable materials will follow suit when younger couples look for an engagement ring in 2021. Not only will they expect the diamonds to be ethically sourced, they’d also look for the use of recycled metals when their engagement ring is crafted.

In the next few years, we’re going to see more couples use environmentally friendly practices and zero waste weddings, so the jewellery needs to match that philosophy. The popularity of lab-grown diamonds, which are conflict free, is growing with celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Bindi Irwin and Penelope Cruz. Lab-grown diamonds look identical to mined diamonds and can be grown faster, allowing them to be sold at a lower price. Expect to see sustainable engagement rings grow in popularity during 2021.

2.Solitaire Engagement Rings

In a time of uncertainty, looking back to the past for a feeling of love and happiness will certainly be popular in 2021. Nothing epitomises sophistication and timeless more than a classic solitaire engagement ring.

Every year, this classic design returns every year with many recipients falling in love with the ring. We design this style of ring to showcase the dazzling sparkle of the centre solitaire diamond, mesmerising everyone who sees it.

Expect to see Platinum Diamond Solitaire rings which show off the centre diamond wonderfully and a solitaire ring with diamond set shoulders that can bring a contemporary twist to a classic style.

3.Two-stone Engagement Rings

Two-stone engagement rings bring double the diamonds and ultimately, double the sparkle! We’re expecting this style to be one of the biggest trends during 2021, as brides look to wear an engagement ring that stands out from the others. Sometimes, one diamond is not enough to to get noticed.

To make the most of your two-stone ring, you should have contrasting gems such as a pear cut next to an emerald cut or a larger stone set next to a smaller stone. This style of ring is perfect for those brides that can’t choose their favourite cut or shape. If you’re looking for inspiration, famous names including Solange Knowles who have worn two-stone engagement rings.

4.Three-stone Engagement Rings

When two-stones isn’t enough, a three-stone engagement ring might be for you. 2020 saw a rise in popularity of this timeless design of the three-stone engagement ring, and we expect this to continue in 2021. Smaller side stones nestle nicely either side of the main centre diamond. A trilogy ring can radiate sparkle from every angle, allowing the eventual wedding band to sit beautifully next to it.

Three-stone rings are perfectly symmetrical in design, which makes it a more traditional trend than the edgy two-stone ring. If you’re a bride who loves a classic with a twist style, a trilogy ring is ideal for you. Famous names such as Demi Lovato, Jessica Simpson and Miranda Kerr are known to wear a trilogy engagement ring.

5.Halo Engagement Rings

Another favourite of 2020, halo engagement rings will be a favourite for 2021. These timeless rings never change and remain a trusted choice for brides-to-be. Halo rings are known for being cut to catch the light at all times for a stupefying sparkle, which is adored by customers. If you want to dazzle your partner, this is the ring for you.

Popular designs include a Platinum Pear Shaped Halo Ring which saw a resurgence in 2020 thanks to celebrities including Emily Ratajkowski wearing the stunning shape.

6.Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings

Colour was a big engagement ring trend for 2020, but coloured gemstones are expected to be a popular engagement ring trend for 2021. From stunning sapphires to radiant rubies and enchanting emeralds, each stone creates incredible colourful hues to create an eye-catching ring.

Sapphires remain popular because of their regal heritage, with the most iconic ring of recent times being Kate Middleton’s iconic oval blue sapphire engagement ring.

Expect to see designs such as sapphire halo rings, which seems the gemstone sat surrounded by a halo of beguiling diamonds to create a timeless, elegant sparkle.

If you’re looking to propose to your loved one in 2021 and want to stay on trend, you can find any of the above styles at your jewellery experts, Diamond Heaven. Book an appointment or visit us in-store in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Glasgow or Cardiff to find your perfect engagement ring