6 Ways to Customise Your Engagement Ring

 6 Ways to Customise Your Engagement Ring

Looking for a unique way to customise an engagement ring? Find out how in this blog!

Customised engagement rings are becoming more popular, and if you're thinking of proposing to your other half, then you should consider creating a customised engagement ring. If you're looking at personalising your engagement ring, Diamond Heaven have some great ideas and suggestions to help you add your own personal touch.

Think About the Vintage Inspired Theme

As fashion trends come and go, the same happens with jewellery. Vintage styled engagement rings are one-of-a-kind, handcrafted designs. Vintage engagement rings come in a range of different styles, and originate from both Edwardian and Victorian eras. Vintage style rings are an elegant, high quality and romantic choice.

If you're looking for a vintage inspired engagement ring, then consider this Princess Diamond Vintage Ring. The diamond sits in a tension setting and is inspired by art-deco jewellery from the past. You can customise this beautiful ring by changing the carat of the diamond and the type of precious metal. In older versions of this ring, the diamond sat in a heavy claw setting making it look much smaller. However, this tension setting increases the height of the diamond, whilst adding more depth and dimension to the ring.

Go for a Unique Cut of Diamond

Going for a unique cut diamond engagement ring is another great feature to add if you are looking to customise your ring. Heart shape diamonds and marquise cut diamonds are unusual styles that will create a striking but beautiful aesthetic. If you're considering a unique cut of diamond, think about incorporating a halo setting or shoulder setting with it.

If you're after a heart shaped engagement ring, the consider this Modern Heart Diamond Shoulder Set Ring. This beautifully designed ring features a central heart cut diamond, with diamonds on the shoulder of the band. This is a timeless piece of jewellery that will be cherished for eternity. Future brides who have their heart set on unusual engagement rings like these are sure to get a piece of jewellery that will be passed down for generations.

Adding Coloured Gemstones

Adding coloured gemstones to an engagement ring gives flare and personality. It is a perfect way to add a personal sentiment to a ring, and will create a piece that can be passed down for generations to come. Consider a beautiful blue sapphire or romantic red ruby, and pair these stones with some brilliant white diamonds. Coloured jewels can be used to replace the diamond in the centre stone,  or as accents on the sides of the central stone. Using gemstones adds a symbolic meaning, and it can be used to represent an individual's birthstone.

If you're after an engagement ring with coloured gemstones, then check out this Round Diamond & Ruby Ring. This brilliant cut diamond sits in a claw setting, and has two stunning pear shaped ruby gemstone accents. Speak to one of the experts at Diamond Heaven to see how we can incorporate a pop of colour into your dream engagement ring!

The Choice of Metals

Rings can be customised in different type of metals, each creating a completely different look to the ring. This is a great way to the create a memorable piece of jewellery that will be cherished and passed on for years to come. When it comes to deciding on yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum, you should consider the type of metal your partner likes.

We're in love with this beautiful rose gold Shoulder Set Diamond Engagement Ring. The pink hue of the metal creates an aesthetic and looks truly spectacular. For those who are after a classic style of ring, consider this Crossover Round Diamond Trilogy Ring. This is a stand out ring that will make any person fall in love as soon they see it. Taking time out to think about the type of metal that will be used to design your ring, will help make the ring something that will be cherished forever.

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