Three Stone Engagement Rings: What Are They? And Why They Are the Perfect Choice for You

Three Stone Engagement Rings - The Perfect Choice!

If you’re looking for something with elegance and originality, then our three stone engagement rings are perfect for you.

When choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring, it's important that you choose a style that is not only classic but also adds a sense of individuality in its design. These days, finding a piece of jewellery that you love can be very daunting but also very exciting. Here at Diamond Heaven, we have a varied selection of engagement rings to choose from; if you're looking for something with elegance and originality, then our three stone engagement rings are perfect for you.

What is a Three Stone Engagement Ring?

Commonly also known as a ‘trilogy ring', a three stone engagement ring is quite simply a ring with three main stones at its core.

Interestingly, the symbolism behind the ring is actually very meaningful. Each stone is representative of a passing of time, more specifically, the past, the present and the future. Often, three stone rings are a signified as a sense of commitment, making them also the perfect anniversary ring or an alternative to an eternity ring.

The three stones can also be related to the most common factors found in a marriage such as commitment, trust and respect. Either way, the symbolism of the stones on a trilogy engagement ring  are up for your own interpretation, strengthening the meaning and individuality behind the ring.

Why They Are Trending?

More recently, three stone engagement rings have seen a spike in the market and there's only one person to blame... Yes, you guessed it - Meghan Markle!

With the buzz surrounding the royal wedding, it was no surprise that the engagement ring was a hot topic! In the couple's first sit-down interview with the BBC, Prince Harry noted that he sourced the main stone from Botswana, a country that Ms Markle and Prince Harry had previously holidayed in. By also adding two little diamonds either side, taken from his mother's jewellery collection, there is no doubt that Prince Harry understood the symbolism behind the trilogy ring of family bond and commitment. You can find out more about engagement rings in the royal family here.

Types of Three Stone Engagement Rings

Here at Diamond Heaven, we offer a wide range of rings and metals to suit your preferences, whether it's platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, we've got you covered!

Our collection also features a variety of stones, whether you opt for the more traditional diamond, or you're looking for something more unusual such as our coloured gemstones. In regards to cut, the three stone ring can consist of gems with various cuts however, the most popular, prefered, is the round brilliant cut diamond

How Much Does a Three Stone Ring Cost?

Like many other engagement rings, the cost of a three stone engagement ring can vary depending on cut, clarity and carat however they don't have to be too costly.

While you may incur some extra costs by having three stones instead of one, they do not all have to be diamonds. A lot of money can be saved by choosing lesser valued side stones in order to not outshine the main gemstone.

Like what you hear? If you think a three stone engagement is for you then check out our collection today.