How to propose without a Ring

How to Propose Without a Ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming, especially if you know your partner is picky about their jewellery.

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming, especially if you know your partner is picky about their jewellery. Although ring shopping can be a lovely shared experience, you might be wondering how to keep your proposal a surprise from your partner without asking what ring they would like.  

Engagement rings are a traditional symbol of love, but it’s not always the ring that makes it special. You can make the moment you ask the question memorable and touching without shopping for a ring first. If you would rather shop for an engagement ring later, then look no further. Here’s six ideas on how to propose without an engagement ring. 

Propose in a Special Place

Although you have no ring for the time being, you can still make the moment you ask romantic. Propose to your partner at your favourite place together. Pick a memorable date spot or favourite holiday destination. Get down on one knee and propose to your partner with a huge sign with the words “will you marry me?” written! The moment will be magical and all your favourite memories together will come flooding back! Your sign will also make for a picture perfect moment, so make sure you have some at hand to take plenty of snaps. 

Propose with Flowers

When you pop the big question, you can still make a lovely gesture without the ring. Create a lovely floral arrangement with your partner’s favourite flowers and get down on one knee! Beautiful bunches of flowers make a lovely engagement ring alternative too as they’re still a common symbol of love. For bonus romance points, have a trail of rose petals leading to you down on one knee with your lovely bouquet of flowers in hand. 

Propose with a Song

One of the most romantic gestures anyone can make is to write a song about someone! Stage a private concert between you and your partner and perform a special song you wrote, popping the question at the very end. If you’re not quite the songwriter, then perform your partner’s favourite song or recite a poem about your significant other. Your partner will appreciate the thoughtfulness and your proposal will hold a special place in their heart - without even the thought of a ring. 

Propose with a Tattoo

If you’re looking for an edgy alternative to an engagement ring, then the two of you could get matching tattoos where your ring will sit. Matching tattoos are a symbol of commitment and you can choose a symbol that represents the love you have for one another. Break tradition and get tatted together. 

Propose with a Pet

If you’ve been thinking about welcoming a furry friend into the family anyway, there’s no better way of expressing your love than by presenting your new pet to your partner. Whether it’s a cat, dog or bunny rabbit, nothing says “I want to spend my life with you” better than a cute pet! Tie a bow around your new furry family member and present it to your partner as you propose, it will be absolutely adorable. 

Propose with a different Jewellery piece

If your partner isn’t into rings or can’t wear one anyway, then you can always propose with another piece of jewellery. If your partner loves earrings, necklaces or bracelets, then break tradition by proposing with one of our other diamond jewellery pieces instead. 

You will still have that ‘open the box’ moment and you can adorn your partner with the necklace or bracelet after they’ve said yes! A stunning pair of diamond earrings or necklace also makes for a good placeholder if you’re waiting for a  bespoke or specially made ring. 

Tips for proposing without a Ring

No matter what gesture you choose to make, it’s important to ensure that your proposal is about your love for one another rather than the ring itself. 

When you pop the question, be sure not to dwell on the fact you don’t have a ring yet. Whether you propose with flowers, tattoos or another piece of jewellery, your proposal should be special and memorable to you. Your proposal is a symbol of love and will be remembered for years to come, ring or not. Try one of our ideas above and make it your own.

Propose First, Engagement Ring Second

If you still want to buy an engagement ring at a later date, then you can always shop for one together after you’ve popped the question. Start shopping for the perfect ring at Diamond Heaven, we have a huge selection of diamond engagement rings your partner is going to cherish forever.