Flower Diamond Rings: an Alternative Engagement Ring

 Flower Diamond Rings - Alternate Engagement Rings

Inspired by the beauty in nature, flower diamond rings are the perfect alternative diamond engagement ring

Inspired by the beauty in nature, flower diamond rings are the perfect alternative for those looking for an original and bespoke diamond engagement ring. Flower Diamond Rings feature beautiful settings have a unique and vintage feel that ooze class and elegance. Also known as a Cluster Diamond Ring, it symbolises elegance and beauty and because of its originality, it is highly valued amongst other ring settings.

What are Cluster Diamond Rings?

Unlike a single-stone ring, a cluster diamond ring is made up of several smaller delicate diamonds and gemstones, either as one or surrounding a primary centre diamond. These added stones act as a support for the diamond, generally forming a halo that follows the outer pattern of the stone, creating a vintage feel but with a modern twist.

Diamond cluster engagement rings have become increasingly popular amongst brides-to-be due to their beauty. Although these smaller stones individually rank fairly low in terms of carat weight, combined they can appear a lot bigger than a single solitaire diamond engagement ring, which ultimately gives you more for your money.

The Origins of the Cluster Diamond Ring

Cluster Diamond Engagement Rings have been used as a symbol of commitment and solidarity for centuries.

Dating as far back as the Georgian era, cluster rings have been immensely popular over time and have continued to be just as admired today as they were then. As jewellery skills and craftsmanship developed over time, it became apparent that the more gemstones that were shown the more prestigious and precious the ring. As a result, cluster rings were seen as the highest class of engagement rings in comparison to single stone rings which were fairly uncommon.

It was only until the Tiffany Setting came into fashion that single solitaire stone rings became more popular, and the cluster style became a more vintage and stylistic trend.

Our Favourite Flower Diamond Rings

Flower Halo Round Diamond Split Shoulder Set Ring

This beautiful split shoulder set ring is the perfect choice for those looking for something with that extra sparkle. The round brilliant cut centre diamond is held together by a four prong setting and supported by a set of similar round brilliant cut halo diamonds. The two prong setting also features a channel of brilliant cut diamonds which highlights the central stone, making it appear even more striking to the eye.

Oval Diamond Cluster Ring

This gorgeous oval diamond cluster ring features a central oval cut diamond with a halo of small diamonds around the outer edge. Held together with a four prong setting for extra support, this beautifully designed piece is sure to catch the eye and ooze luxurious royalty.

Modern Flower Round Diamond Cluster Ring

This stunning 1.50-carat modern flower round diamond cluster ring, with prong settings, is one of our most adored rings in our cluster collection. WIth specialised cut diamonds, this bespoke engagement ring is blooming with elegance and class,   it the perfect choice for those looking for something less traditional.

Flower Halo Round Diamond Shoulder Set Ring

This magnificent flower halo diamond ring is part of our "Obsession Collection" making it one of our most popular engagement rings. The halo setting highlights the central stone, forming a beautiful flower like centre that is held together between a brilliant cut channel setting

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