The History of the Infinity Symbol

The History of the Infinity Symbol

Infinity rings are the perfect embodiment of eternal love and devotion

When it comes to symbols that are iconic, the infinity symbol is recognised by many people for its figure of eight on its side. Not a lot of people know that a piece of jewellery that has the infinity symbol displayed on it represents eternal love for your partner or friend.

If you are looking to propose to someone, there’s no better piece of jewellery to propose with than an infinity engagement ring. Since the infinity symbol is commonly associated with mathematics, with engagement rings, it represents eternal love to the person who you are getting engaged to.

This piece explores the fascinating history of this symbol, its meaning and the origin of the infinity symbol.

What is the Meaning of an Infinity Symbol?

The word ‘infinity’ comes from the Latin word ‘infinitas’, which means ‘unboundedness’ or ‘endless’. In modern times, the infinity symbol represents eternal love and connection. Both circles on either side of the symbol display the coming together of two people being in a relationship for eternity. There are also many other meanings that come to mind with the infinity symbol:

Ancient Meaning

Ancient Greek mathematicians and philosophers originally called the infinity symbol ‘lemniscate' meaning ‘ribbon.' This notion strives from Ouroboros, an ancient symbol depicting a serpent biting its own tail. This symbol is representative of infinity, immortality, continuity, self-fertilisation and eternal return.

Scientific Meaning

Perhaps a less romantic notion of the infinity is the one which is widely recognised today in mathematics. The symbol was discovered by English mathematician John Wallis in 1655. This concept relates to a quantity with no bound or end that is larger than any number.

Spiritual Meaning

Originally, the symbol derives from a religious place, which is where the spiritual and positive meanings originate from. From a spiritual perspective, eight is the number of those who have transcended the seven stages of awakening and passed through the seven heavens. It is also the number linked to the power of resurrection and regeneration, which therefore symbolises happiness and paradise. This sign is said to also be something that lies within us, in the very basic structure of our genes since the strands of DNA is comprised of a figure of eight.  

Celtic Meaning

Celtic knot rings are composed of similar interweaving lines that are inspired by the infinity symbol. These Celtic knots pay homage to Irish, Scottish and Welsh culture and behold a similar meaning to the infinity symbol. The endless loops of the trinity knot similarly represent an everlasting love.

Infinity Symbol Origins

Throughout the ages and various cultures, the infinity symbol has represented a variety of concepts and beliefs. As a mathematical device, the very first person to have written about the infinity symbol was Mathematician and Scientist, John Wallis in 1655. However, its symbolic significance has been around for much longer. There is a strong belief that the meaning of infinity ritualised from ancient India and Tibet where the symbol represented dualism, perfection and equilibrium between different genders. Despite the figurative nature of this symbol differing, most notions affirm that it represents eternity and everlasting love.

Why Buy an Infinity Engagement Ring

Proposing with an Infinity Engagement Rings is the perfect symbolic gift for the person you love. Infinitas, meaning unbounded or limitless, makes infinity diamond engagement rings an apt symbol. This representation of everlasting or endless devotion is the perfect embodiment of eternal love and equilibrium. Given the figurative meaning behind it, there is no better way to make this timeless vow than to do it with an infinity symbol engagement ring.

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