The Meaning of a 3 Stone Engagement Ring

The Meaning of a 3 Stone Engagement Ring

Three Stone Engagement Rings are the ultimate symbol of love. Trilogy Jewellery has one diamond for each of the following words; I. Love. You.

What is the Meaning of the Trilogy Ring?

There are many meanings behind a three-stone engagement ring - in fact, it can be argued that a trilogy engagement ring holds much more symbolism than a solitaire engagement ring. Many couples choose to gift their partner a piece of three stone jewellery because each stone represents the "past, present and future." Alternately, the trilogy jewellery also symbolises "friendship, love and fidelity."

Trilogy Jewellery is simply a piece of jewellery that is made up of three precious stones that sit next to each other. It can be given as a gift for various occasions; anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, or simply as a spontaneous gift to show your affection towards your loved one.   

From traditional and vintage pieces to something more modern, trilogy jewellery can come in many forms but have the same meaning. I love you.

Trilogy Jewellery - Our Favourite Pieces

3 Stone Diamond Ring

Trilogy Diamond Ring would make a fantastic gift for that special someone in your life. It is a clear statement of love and adoration through a stunningly spectacular piece of jewellery. In our trilogy rings collection, you will find a wide range rings in varying styles and designs.

When the idea of a three stone diamond ring comes to mind, most people think of traditional, vintage diamond rings but this is not the case. We have a range of chic and contemporary designs, this modern round & pear three stone ring is a great example.

If that special someone is not a big fan of vintage diamond rings and prefers something more modern, you will find it.

Trilogy Pendants

trilogy pendant makes a wonderful expression of love and a wonderful gift for that special someone in your life. Merging a variety of vintage and contemporary pendant designs with trilogy stones, Diamond Heaven has created a stunning range of trilogy pendants that are utterly breathtaking.

Something that she could wear everyday, reminding her that you love her.

Trilogy Engagement Ring

When you plan to take a knee and pop the most important question in your life, you want it to go perfectly with the perfect ring. A trilogy engagement ring can be that perfect ring.  

Imagine it, when you get on one knee and ask, ‘will you marry me?' As she looks down at you, tears welling in her eyes and sees the ring, sparkling back at her echoing the words ‘I love you'.  Perfect.

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