Black Diamond Jewellery: Be Bold

Black Diamond Jewellery: Be Bold

Have you considered Black Diamond Jewellery - Here's why you should.

Make your New Year's Resolution to be bold and beautiful.

In our Black Diamond Jewellery collections, we bring the raw, bold black diamonds and merge them with our exquisite jewellery designs to create a range of stunning pieces that are both bold and beautiful.

Why Choose a Black Diamond?

Black diamonds are a coloured diamond and are a kind of paradox. They're real, some people can't believe these black precious stones are natural because of their unique colour, but they don't do the one thing which makes diamonds captivating.

Sparkle. In fact, black diamonds absorb light rather than refract it and they don't sparkle like other diamonds. Despite this, people are captivated by black diamonds and so are we at Diamond Heaven: Black diamonds are a gorgeous colour that work stunningly with both traditional and contemporary designs.

Black Diamond Earrings

Have a look at these Black Diamond Earrings. A simple and elegant design maybe, but these black diamonds inject energy and new life into the earrings, giving them a chic, modern twist. Similar black diamond earrings were worn by Jennifer Lawrence on the Red Carpet; though they don't sparkle, they caught everyone's attention.

In our range of black diamond earrings,  you will find some absolutely stunning, eye catching pieces in a range of designs.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

This Round Black Diamond Shoulder Set ring is absolutely stunning. Again, the black diamond gives a unique twist to the classic design. The alluring, dark precious stone is complimented by the shoulder tiny, perfect diamonds, creating a gorgeous diamond engagement ring.

With our collection of black diamond engagement rings, you will find a range of traditional and vintage engagement ring designs to something different and unique.

Black Diamond Pendants

With Valentine's Day around the corner, a diamond pendant would make a great gift for that special someone and this black diamond pendant would be perfect. Black may not seem like the colour of love at first sight, but it's original and definitely a unique gift.

View more of our Black Diamond collection online or in-store at Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter or London's Hatton Garden