Why Buy a Silver Engagement Ring?

Why Buy a Silver Engagement Ring?

According to Google Trends, silver engagement rings were one of the top-searched engagement rings this year. A fantastic choice for couples looking for an alternative to white gold or platinum. Diamond Heaven covers why you should consider buying the elegant and affordable silver engagement ring.

An Affordable and Cost-Effective Ring


When planning your engagement proposal, it can be easy to spend more than you planned on the ring, leaving you with a limited budget for the rest of your proposal. Silver diamond engagement rings offer luxury and elegance at an affordable price, allowing you to put more budget into the diamond centrepiece. Here at Diamond Heaven, our silver engagement rings are crafted by our team of skilled jewellers, who will ensure you have an aesthetically pleasing ring that doesn’t break the bank.

Silver Engagement Rings are Elegant and Timeless


Silver is one of the oldest precious metals used for making jewellery. It’s also a versatile metal that works well with any style or shape, such as round cuts, emerald cuts, halos and solitaires. Whether you want a modern, dainty look or a detailed vintage-inspired one, your silver engagement ring will blend nicely with your everyday outfits.

Various Customisation Options to Choose From


If you want a personalised silver engagement ring, use Diamond Heaven’s ring builder. You can select the metal and see the price savings between platinum, gold and silver. Then, select the style, shape, and stone you prefer for your silver engagement ring and watch prices change with each selection at the click of a button. However, if you have an idea of how you want your silver engagement ring to look but struggle to make those final decisions and bring your vision to life, our bespoke service can help. It allows you to create a unique silver ring where we take the fuss out of the process, helping you create an engagement ring that you and your partner will cherish.

You Want a Sustainable Engagement Ring


Our silver engagement rings are made with recycled silver, eliminating the need to mine it from the Earth’s crust. It makes a silver engagement band an excellent option if you want an ethical and sustainable ring where you have left the earth untouched. Buying a silver engagement ring means making an existential decision to purchase recycled metal with the environment in mind, team it with a lab-grown diamond centre and make a sustainable start to your future together.

Silver is a Hypoallergenic Metal


Like platinum, silver is a hypoallergenic metal, thus making it a fantastic choice if you have sensitive skin or have any metal allergies. All our silver engagement bands do not contain nickel, which exists in other ring metals, or a trace of it is still a risk. Consider if your partner has sensitive skin, and pop the question with a stunning silver engagement band. Silver can be prone to tarnishing as it oxidises, and you may find it will have heavier scratching with daily wear as it is softer compared to other luxury metals. Ensuring your silver engagement ring is regularly cleaned, polished and plated with rhodium is essential to restore and keep it bright and shiny.

Begin the next chapter of your love story together with a sustainable silver engagement ring from Diamond Heaven. Whether you want a sparkling solitaire or plan to create a breathtaking engagement band, we can make your dream ring a reality. You can book an appointment at one of our nationwide showrooms today. Our team is here to help you at every stage of your silver engagement ring-buying journey.