Everything you need to know about Black Diamonds

Black Diamonds - A Complete Guide

Black diamonds are somewhat of a mystery with several theories on how they were created.

Black diamonds are somewhat of a mystery with several theories on how they were created. One thing we know for sure is that they are magical. Learn about the meaning of black diamonds and the role that they had throughout history.

What is a Black Diamond?

Black diamonds are diamonds that get their colour from a high number of internal inclusions that are usually black in colour. This would usually diminish a diamond's value but in the case of the black diamond, their unique bold colour gives a certain allure. Despite what many may think, black diamonds are closer in formation to regular colourless diamonds than to ‘fancy’ coloured diamonds. 

Black diamonds are unique and rare, in a similar way to coloured sapphires. This is one of the reasons they have become so popular.

Are Black Diamonds real?

Yes, black diamonds are real diamonds. The dark gemstone shares the same chemical components as white diamonds. The difference between the two is in their atomic weight and physical properties. 

Black diamonds can either be naturally mined or lab grown to be just as real. To discover how lab grown diamonds are formed and their ethics, explore our blog series.

There are less authentic, “treated” black diamonds also available on the market. These are essentially worthless grey diamonds with a number of internal flaws. They are subjected to heat, pressure and irradiation treatments to turn them black in an attempt to increase their value. These are real diamonds but not as authentic as genuine black diamonds which are far more valuable.

Black Diamond History and Origin

The origin of black diamonds still remains a mystery and is widely debated. It is thought that the first raw form of the black diamond was discovered in Brazil by Portugese settlers and given the name “carbonados”. The term refers to the burnt appearance of the raw black diamond. Today, they are exclusively found in Brazil and Central Africa.

The peculiar diamonds were estimated to have been formed around 3.8 billion years ago. Just as old, or if not older, than many colourless diamonds on the market today.

How is a Black Diamond formed?

There are three theories as to how black diamonds, or carbonados, were formed:

  1. A meteoric impact

  2. Radiation that coincided with the fission of uranium and thorium

  3. Created in outer space, in hydrogen-rich conditions before coming down to Earth in an asteroid 2 to 4 million years ago.

Black Diamond meaning

The mystery of the black diamond doesn’t end there. Their meaning has also differed throughout history and across the world. Among ancient Indians and in medieval Europe, black diamonds were considered to ward off evil spirits; many feared cutting black diamonds would result in them losing their power. This all changed in Europe during the time of modernity when those involved in metaphysical activity would use the stones to cleanse tools and contact spirits. Today, on the whole, black diamonds are symbolic of inner strength and courage to be one's true self. 

Black Diamond Engagement Ring meaning

Black diamonds are symbolic of charisma and eternal love, making them a perfect choice for an engagement ring.

What to look for in a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Metal Bands

The benefit of choosing a black diamond ring is that it will go with almost anything; any outfit or metal band. In particular, black diamond rings look great when paired with 14-carat white gold and platinum which emphasises the bold and beautiful colour of the stone. 

Why not take it up a notch and really make your black diamond pop? Pairing it with an additional ring will draw more attention to your black diamond stone and can create a classy and sophisticated look. Explore our bridal sets to give this a try.

Choosing the perfect setting

Among the plethora of designs, halo and side stone settings with contrasting white stones are the most popular, followed by single-stone solitaire rings. These techniques are used to draw attention to the bold and mystifying black diamond stone. 

Popular cuts for Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Although round black diamonds are the preferred diamond shape, a fancy oval cut or pear-shaped cut can offer a unique touch.

The perfect engagement ring is one that matches your partner's taste and personality which is why we at Diamond Heaven offer a wide range of gemstone and black diamond engagement rings. For something more specific to your needs, we have a unique engagement ring design service for a ring that is truly unique for your partner.