A Guide to Floral Diamond Engagement Rings

A Guide to Floral Diamond Engagement Rings

Spring is the season of new beginnings, with the trees full of blossoms and flowers emerging from the ground. When it comes to symbols for spring, a sea of flowers planted in parks and gardens is the first thing that comes to mind. A floral-inspired engagement ring is a popular choice for a summer proposal you will never forget.

Diamond Heaven’s guide explores the gorgeous and romantic floral diamond engagement ring style in our spring and summer-inspired Bouquet collection.

What are Floral Engagement Rings?


Floral engagement rings usually all feature a large centre stone, surrounded by floral leaf detail, some in a classic solitaire minimal style and some with smaller diamonds arranged in a floral pattern around the band or side of the setting. A floral engagement ring instantly stands out from other engagement ring styles due to the ring’s vintage-inspired design.

Why Choose a Floral Diamond Ring?


Have you always wanted an engagement ring that stands out? One of our best sellers is a classic solitaire design with something slightly different to other rings. When you take a closer glance, you will notice the beautiful leaf-shaped detail on the side of the setting which is perfect to show your friends and family. Every time your loved one reaches for something wearing the ring they will see that delicate leaf detail on the side of their ring reminding them of that wonderful moment you got down on one knee and proposed in the warm spring weather. If you want to add a unique spin to your engagement ring and make it different to any of your friends' engagement rings, then this collection might have the perfect ring for you.

Here are a few reasons to consider choosing a floral diamond ring:

  • Floral rings come in various designs and different diamond shapes.
  • Rare and unique details that stand out against other engagement rings.
  • Floral rings can be dainty, understated, and elegant.
  • Floral-inspired engagement rings are affordable.

What Shapes Work Well with a Floral Ring?

Many shapes suit a Floral engagement or wedding ring. The most popular shapes for the floral diamond ring style are usually rounded or elongated vintage shapes. Round, marquise, pear, and oval cut. These diamonds accentuate the ring’s nature-inspired look but many other shapes can look very appealing too. These shapes can also be used to design the leaves, boughs and petals around the ring’s centre stone, bringing another layer of personalisation to your engagement band that your partner won’t stop smiling at. 

Questions to Consider Asking When Choosing Your Floral-Inspired Ring


Before buying your floral engagement rings, you need to ask the following questions:

  • How much do you plan to spend on your ring?
  • Which wedding ring design will you wear with your floral-inspired engagement ring?
  • Do you want a diamond or gemstone centre stone on your ring?
  • What customisation and personalisation options are available?

Answering these questions will help you find a timeless floral engagement ring you will love. The Bouquet collection also has many matching floral-inspired jewellery items, including floral-inspired diamond earrings, pendants and bracelets which will match your floral engagement ring and wedding band beautifully, which will be perfect for any anniversary gifts needed over the years together and each will bring back the memory of the day you proposed.

Can I Create a Custom Floral Engagement Band?

Yes, you can create a one-of-a-kind custom flower engagement ring. All you need is an idea and a sketch of how you want your engagement ring to look. Take a look over the beautiful Bouquet collection and see what ideas it brings and what you would like to do differently. Once you are ready, book to visit one of our nationwide showrooms. Our highly skilled jewellers will use the highest quality diamonds and metals to turn your ring vision into a stunning floral engagement ring you will treasure forever.

How to Care for a Floral-Inspired Engagement Ring and Jewellery

Like any jewellery, regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring your floral engagement ring looks as stunning as the first time you bought it. Keep your ring safe and shining bright by remembering to follow these guidelines.

  • Store your ring in your jewellery box if you’re not wearing it.
  • Don’t expose your floral engagement band to harsh chemicals - this can damage the ring’s setting and discolour the metal. (This includes chlorine when swimming).
  • Get the ring checked and cleaned regularly by a professional jeweller and maintain this cleaning at home with their recommended cleaning products.
  • Remove your ring before engaging in any hands-on activities including washing the dishes, swimming, gym, sports, gardening, home D.I.Y. etc.

Make it a spring that you’ll never forget with a floral diamond engagement ring from Diamond Heaven. Don’t forget we also offer floral-inspired jewellery that will complement your engagement ring. This also includes matching sets which are perfect for anniversaries and milestone birthdays. These include diamond earrings and pendants. Do you have any questions about our Bouquet diamond jewellery collection? Book an appointment at your nearest Diamond Heaven showroom today. Our diamond consultants are here to help you find a stunning, spring-inspired engagement ring that will leave you breathless.