How to Choose a Toi et Moi Engagement Ring

How to Choose a Toi et Moi Engagement Ring

Toi et moi (translated in English as ‘you and me’) is one of the most romantic engagement ring styles available. The ring style features two gemstones leaning on each other, almost touching or sitting together on the same band. Do you have your heart set on proposing with a toi et moi engagement ring? Diamond Heaven’s article covers what to consider when choosing a toi et moi ring.

Consider Combining Different Diamond Shapes

The beauty of a two-stone engagement ring is that you can combine different diamond shapes and get creative. Typically, the first stone shape in a toi et moi ring will be an elongated fancy shape such as an oval or emerald cut, with the second stone’s shape down to personal preference in which fits nicely with your main stone a pear cut is a popular choice for this or two pear cuts always sit well together on the band. Browse over all the different fancy-shaped diamond options you can match up. Many choose one shape each to represent yourself and have the stones leaning towards each other representing your two lives coming together in the engagement ring. What better way to ask “Will you marry me?”

Think About Mixing and Matching Diamond Carats

Toi et moi rings come with varying stone sizes. Always remember that each diamond shape can appear very different size-wise when matching them up as some are elongated shapes so the dimensions will play an important part in that face-up view on the ring, take time to choose the right carat weight. Ask to check the dimensions of the diamonds if you cannot try the ring on first to get a rough idea of how they will sit together and how big they will look when worn on the finger side by side. Measuring by millimetres will give you an idea of the stone’s surface area. It will help you find how much space each stone takes up and the settings of the stones on the band to ensure the ring will be comfortable to wear.

Diamonds or Gemstones?


If you want to design your two-stone engagement band, deciding whether you want diamonds or gemstones can be difficult. The gemstones or diamonds you choose can be for symbolic or aesthetic reasons. You may like the contrasting blues of our 1.70Ct Aquamarine & Tanzanite Tonal Blue Pear Ring, thus transporting you to the sea and a perfect choice if this is your loved one’s favourite colour or birthstone. What better way to add those little details into the ring that you will treasure forever? Alternatively, you may want two diamonds set into the band in a completely different modern way for your unique toi et moi ring, why not go for two pear cuts in a yellow gold rubover setting pointing towards each other, it represents both of your souls pointing towards each other and your future together. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you want diamonds, coloured gemstones or a combination of the two in a traditional or modern setting. There are so many options you will be spoilt for choice when you search through our range of Toi Et Moi rings to find your love story expressed in the engagement ring you will propose with and explain each little detail to your loved one.

Do You Want to Create a One-of-a-Kind Two-Stone Ring?

If you have another idea of different shapes or stones and want to create a custom two-stone engagement ring? Diamond Heaven’s skilled jewellers can bring the vision of your dream toi et moi engagement band to life. Visit your nearest showroom, and we’ll ensure you have a toi et moi ring you will treasure forever.

Celebrate the next chapter of your love story with a breathtaking toi et moi engagement ring from Diamond Heaven. Are you struggling to design your two-stone engagement band and want some advice? Book an appointment at one of our nationwide showrooms today, where our diamond consultants can help you find a two-stone ring to ask that all-important question.