Designing your own Engagement Ring

Designing Your Own Engagement Ring | Blog

Personalised jewellery adds a personal touch to any gift. It’s no surprise that many choose to design their own engagement ring when they’re ready to pop the question and make a commitment to someone special. Designing a bespoke engagement ring is the most romantic gesture you can ever make, and it has never been easier. Below, we explain the process and the choices you have to make. 

Choosing a Diamond or Gemstone

There are two parts to selecting your diamond or gemstone, the focal point of any engagement ring. Selecting your perfect diamond begins with the type of diamond you want for your other half. 

Natural Diamond

The traditional stone you know and adore. This diamond has been mined from the Earth, its beauty and shine being formed over thousands of years.

Lab Grown Diamond

Lab grown diamonds are made using the “diamond seed” in a lab where the hot conditions of the Earth are replicated to form a diamond. These diamonds have the same quality and characteristics as natural diamonds. Lab diamonds are a popular choice for those who want a stone that is sustainable and is guaranteed to be ethically sourced.

Coloured Diamonds

While most diamonds are colourless, there are some who prefer their diamonds to have a little colour to go with their sparkle. Choose a coloured diamond if your partner has that preference.


Gemstones offer a great alternative to diamonds, coming with their own unique elegance and sparkle. Choose from blue sapphires, rubies, aquamarine, emerald and more to create a beguiling engagement ring.

Choosing the Diamond Cut

Next up is choosing your diamond cut. There are various cuts available, each with their distinctive symbolism and ways they reflect light. 

Round Brilliant

If you ask people to picture a diamond, the round brilliant cut will be the one they think of first. It is the most popular diamond cut on the market, a style jewellers have been perfecting for years to highlight the brilliance and fire of the stone. When considering your 4Cs (Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat) the round brilliant is the perfect all-rounder. 

Princess Cut

Princess cuts are made in both square and rectangular shapes and look incredible on any engagement ring. While most diamonds display their colour in the centre of the stone, a princess cut diamond’s properties mean you can see colours in each corner as well.

Marquise Cut

Marquise cut diamonds help maximise the carat weight by emphasising the size of the stone. The unique shape of the diamond makes the hands and fingers of wearers appear longer and slender. 

Cushion Cut

Sometimes referred to as the pillow cut diamond, the cushion cut gets its name for being pillow-like in its shape. Cushion cut stones have unrivalled brilliance, offering amazing clarity thanks to the rounded corners and larger facets in the diamond. 

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds feature rectangular facets which are step-cut into the pavilion of the diamond to create a unique optical appearance. This cut highlights the original clarity of the diamond because of the large rectangular table.

Pear Shaped

A pear-shaped or teardrop style of diamond combines the round, and marquise cuts to create the shape. The slender shape of the stone gives fingers and hands a slimmer appearance while creating a delicate look. The excellent symmetry of the pear helps produce a stone of maximum brilliance.

Oval Cut

Oval cut diamonds have a classic look featuring a contemporary twist. It’s a popular jewellery cut, making it easy to match it to other types of jewellery. It has the appearance and quality of a round brilliant cut but also helps accentuate long, slender fingers.

Asscher Cut

Asscher cuts are similar to emerald cuts but are square as opposed to rectangular. First created in the 1920s, the Asscher cut remains a popular cut for many ring buyers. 

Heart Cut

Heart cuts are made in the shape of the organ most associated with love. Having a heart shaped diamond on a finger allows you to carry your love around with you and show it to the world.

Radiant Cut

The radiant is a distinctive hybrid cut designed to bring out the sparkle of the stone. Combining the round brilliant, emerald and princess cuts, the radiant is a popular choice for couples.

Choosing a Style

There are plenty of elegant styles to choose from when designing your dream engagement ring. Whether your partner prefers contemporary or vintage-style rings, we have the setting for you. 


For a style that is timeless, diamond solitaire is the ultimate in classic design. Whether you choose a round cut, princess cut or any diamond shape, a solitaire style ring helps highlight the stunning stone as the centrepiece of the ring. Ranging from eye-catching claw sets to bezel sets, solitaire engagement rings are designed to be cherished for a lifetime.

Shoulder Set

An engagement ring that really sparkles, a shoulder set features a centrepiece diamond accentuated by two sets of shoulder diamonds. If your partner really likes diamonds, this could be the choice for you.


A halo engagement ring encircles your centre diamond with a ring of diamonds to add more shine and sparkle. Choose from a single or double halo ring with popular cuts such as cushion or princess for an outstanding piece.


A newly crafted ring won’t be “vintage”, but it takes its inspiration from stunning engagement ring designs from the past. A vintage engagement ring gives you the look of an heirloom piece while allowing you to customise every detail to create the perfect ring.


A trilogy engagement ring or three stone engagement ring features two side stones that frame the centre of the design. The stones traditionally represent your past, present and future as a couple. This design allows you to mix diamonds with coloured gemstones to create a unique engagement ring for your partner.


If diamonds aren’t your partner’s best friend, why not make a precious coloured gemstone the centrepiece of the engagement ring? Add a bit of colour to your engagement with a ring that will turn heads wherever your partner goes.

All of our styles are available in a setting of your choice including; 6 claw, prong, rubover, semi rubover, bar setting.

Choosing a Metal

At Diamond Heaven, you have two main metal choices when designing your engagement ring. 


Gold is the most popular choice for engagement bands, and with Diamond Heaven, you’ll have an 18k gold ring for your partner. Whether you prefer traditional white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold as your metal of choice, we can accommodate just for you.


Platinum is the ideal choice for a ring designed to be worn for a lifetime. Even if it scratches, a quick polish ensures it returns to its original state, never losing a layer of metal. If you want a ring that symbolises that your love will go through anything, platinum is a really romantic option for couples.

General Engagement Ring Design Tips

While you have big choices to make above, there are some general tips you should follow:

  • Always tell the jeweller your budget so they can set expectations as to what ring you will get.
  • Consider each element of the ring carefully, to ensure your special someone will like the look and feel of the ring.
  • Make sure you know the right size for your ring because only certain changes can be made once completed.
  • Consider adding engraving for an extra layer of personalisation. 

You can design your engagement ring online with Diamond Heaven by following our step-by-step process. If you’re unsure about creating an engagement ring online, you can