Men’s Engagement Rings: Explained

Men’s Engagement Rings: Explained

Traditionally, engagement rings were given from a man to a woman, symbolising their commitment to marry each other. However, times have changed, and all for the better. It has become commonplace for men to wear engagement rings too, and what better way to say “I love you” than proposing to your loved one in the way you have always wanted to with an impressive men’s engagement ring? Diamond Heaven’s guide looks at men’s engagement rings, why they are now more popular than ever and how to pick the right one for yourself or your partner.

What are Men’s Engagement Rings?

While men’s engagement rings have recently become popular, they have existed for nearly a century. Men’s engagement bands were introduced in 1926, with L. Baumberger & Co. running advertisements featuring men wearing silver, yellow and platinum engagement rings. At the time, men’s engagement rings didn’t take off. We have seen a big difference today in how the social rules have changed, and men’s engagement rings have become popular in various ways and styles. Particularly within the LGBTQ+ community over the past few decades, we have seen an increase in men’s engagement rings purchased, and it has become popular to buy your partner one back so that you both have something beautiful on your hand to remind you of your commitment to each other as you look forward to the big day.

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?


Sweden, Chile, Iceland, and Brazil are a few countries where men and women wear engagement rings. Men’s engagement bands are not as prevalent in the United States and the United Kingdom, but we are starting to see a demand for them. In the last few years, more men have worn these rings to confirm their engagement, and in various untraditional styles, from patterned plain bands and diamond and gemstone set rings to engraved signet rings, we have seen a rise in different modern styles in men’s engagement rings.

We have also seen a rise in men’s engagement ring sales due to the tradition of women proposing to men during the previous leap year. This has been a fun way to break the traditional social conventions and propose to your man, with many getting down on one knee with the magical black box to hand to show their eternal love for their partner. We are thrilled to see that in this day and age, anyone can propose to their partner in the way they’ve always wanted to and with any ring style to show their love for each other in their unique way. 

Which Finger Do Men Wear Their Engagement Ring On?

As men’s engagement rings are an emerging jewellery trend, you need to think about finger size and which finger they’ll wear the band on. In the UK, the ring is traditionally worn on the fourth finger of your left hand (known as your ring finger or marital finger). You may prefer to follow this tradition and wear the band on your left ring finger or break tradition by wearing it on your right ring finger. In some countries, the right hand is known to have the marital ring finger as it is the more dominant hand. This will differ from country to country. Ultimately, it’s up to you when deciding which hand and finger you wear your ring. In many cases recently, many men have worn an engagement ring on one hand and a wedding ring on the other. This new trend is said to show the world you are taken/unavailable in any country or culture. What a beautiful way to say I’ve met the perfect person, become engaged and married to the love of my life in any place in the world. 

Who Would Buy a Men’s Engagement Ring?

Anyone who plans to get engaged soon would buy the engagement band to present to their other half. However, this depends on the couple and whether you want to buy a pair of engagement bands together, which is becoming more popular, or if you prefer to surprise your partner and have the option to buy one in return. There are many ways to propose to your partner and have that moment just be about you putting your feelings out to the world and declaring your love.

Which Metal Works Well for a Men’s Engagement Band?


When it comes to the most popular ring metal selected for men’s engagement rings, yellow gold is a common choice amongst men. Yellow gold is a durable traditional metal which will always retain a great value and keeps its bright colour in comparison to white gold. 

Platinum is another popular ring metal for men’s engagement rings, with its naturally white colour which does not tarnish compared with white gold. It is a popular choice for men’s engagement rings if you prefer that silvery colour to yellow gold. It is also a very dense metal compared with gold and more hard-wearing for men’s engagement rings and is a great choice if you have a hands-on job and need a stronger metal to wear for day-to-day wear. However, always remove your wedding ring and other jewellery when doing physical activities, which include going to the gym, sports and D.I.Y. for example. 

Tips for Finding Your Engagement Ring Size


Selecting the correct ring size for a men’s engagement ring is crucial for the perfect fit. The easiest way to find out your men’s engagement band size is by visiting your local jewellers to get your finger measured and think about the mm ring width you prefer for your ring. 

This can influence the ring size you choose when being measured in-store. For instance, a wider band such as a 6mm or 7mm band may need to be half a size bigger than your finger to give more room on the finger for a wide band to move over the knuckle with ease. If you are guessing the size of your partner’s finger to surprise them, the best advice is:

  • Consult with friends and family, they might know their finger size or help you find your ring size.
  • Scour their jewellery box, see if there is a ring in there you can get sized and think about which hand your partner wears that ring on and which finger as a thumb ring will be different to the marital ring size.
  • Speak to your local jeweller to check the average ring sizes, and if you have any photos of your partner's hands from photos see if the jeweller can help estimate a closer sizing and check their ring resizing policies and if the ring you have selected can be resized at a later date as some designs and patterned bands may not be applicable.

Once you know your partner's engagement ring size, it will make the engagement ring-buying experience easier and more fun as you can play around and browse different styles.

Ask the all-important question with the perfect men’s engagement band from Diamond Heaven. Do you want a vintage-inspired ring or want to create a one-of-a-kind modern engagement band? Book an appointment at your local Diamond Heaven showroom today. Our diamond consultants are here to help you find the right men’s engagement ring you will treasure forever.