Infinity Jewellery: Always

Infinity Jewellery: Always

Infinity means forever, and it can be recognised with a symbol. So what could be a more fitting detail to feature when it comes to diamond jewellery?

What Does The Infinity Symbol Mean? 

The infinity symbol, as we know it, is actually a mathematical figure signalling an estimated infinate amount. It has been used however, as a symbol outside of the mathematical language since way back in the seventeenth century. It is depicted as a never-ending loop (or a sideways figure of 8) signifying endless eternity.

Why Choose Infinity Jewellery?

The infinity symbol has been used in various contexts, for many different purposes. But when it comes to jewellery, its original meaning really shines through. It is representative of something that will last forever - be that friendship, love or marriage. And as such a widely recognised emblem, it can be beautifully replicated in a jewellery design that says it in style.

An infinity engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of promise. Combining a commitment of lasting love with a design that showcases what it is all about. At Diamond Heaven, our collection of stunning diamond jewellery includes a number of intricate infinity designs, perfect for showcasing a little extra sparkle whilst symbolising the ultimate promise.

Diamond Heaven Infinity Rings 

Our collection of infinity diamond rings features a range of diamond shapes from the striking marquise to the classic round. Each with beautifully twisted infinity detail shoulders in classic gold and platinum as well as pave set with diamonds. It's this stylish detail that makes these pieces unique, as well as full of meaning.

Take a look at our favourite infinity pieces:

1. Infinity Twist Round Diamond Engagement Ring, £1545.50

2. Marquise Diamond Infinity Twist Engagement Ring, £691.90

3. Double Halo Infinity Diamond Ring, £1,923.35

Looking for a special piece of infinity jewellery?

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