The Evolution of Diamond Engagement Rings Throughout the Decades

The Evolution of Diamond Engagement Rings Throughout the Decades

Engagement Ring styles have changed throughout the decades, from Marquise to Princess, Sapphire to Emerald

1910 - Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

During the Edwardian era, traditional Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings were a popular choice for those getting engaged. From the short reign of King Edward VII (1901 - 1910) to the reign of King George V, aristocrats and the rich adorned Edwardian style jewellery. Yellow Gold was a popular choice of metal as it could be made into feminine and intricate shapes, and Platinum's availability and popularity increased due to its durability. This unique Yellow Gold Diamond Ring featuring flawless multi-stone shoulders would have been the perfect choice.

1920 - Edwardian/Gatsby Style Diamond Engagement Rings

In the 1920's, engagement rings still held the Edwardian style, with this sumptuous Gatsby era. Thanks to Coco Chanel, women began to wear trousers and more androgynous clothing, made from rich satin fabrics with stunning embellishments. Platinum was still a popular choice of metal, and the shoulders of engagement rings saw beautiful embellishments. This vintage Diamond Ring with Shoulder Leaf Motif would be ideal for a 1920's engagement.

1930 - Art Deco Style Diamond Engagement Rings

In the 1930's Engagement rings were completely art deco, featuring geometric shapes and a combination of gemstones and diamonds set in White Gold or Platinum. This Black Diamond Pear Shaped Engagement Ring would have been a favourite! Icons such as Hollywood actress Bette Davis, and the former Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly stole the show with their effortlessly feminine and elegant, alongside the stunning but infamous Wallis Simpson. World War II started in 1939, and using Platinum for Jewellery was banned.

1940 - White Gold Feminine Art Deco Engagement Rings

During Second World War, the use of Platinum for jewellery was prohibited, seeing a rise in yellow gold and white gold. Art deco was still a popular style of ring, with Halo diamond rings and gemstone rings being chosen. This Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring was sure to impress! Christian Dior's groundbreaking silhouette of full skirts and waist-cinching jackets, and Joan Crawford's floral prints with statement bangles and necklaces only enhanced this beautiful style of jewellery.

1950 - Stackable Diamond Rings

The ban of Platinum being used to created jewellery was lifted after the war ended in 1945, and the ‘50's saw a spike in this precious metal's popularity. Stackable Diamond rings and Bridal engagement sets were all the rage after Mel Ferrer gifted to Audrey Hepburn after proposing to her in 1954. Multi-stone rings were also becoming prevalent, perhaps due to the multi-gem nature of Hepburn's ring.  This Round Diamond Engagement Ring and Diamond Band would have been the dream!

1960 - Asscher Cut Diamond Rings

In the 1960's, fashion and culture exploded. With the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Twiggy gracing the style scene, the way fashion was perceived changed. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's notorious 69 carat Diamond Engagement Ring, and the First Lady's  Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring became the obsession of many.  This Marquise Emerald and Halo Diamond Engagement ring is the perfect choice for a ‘60's style engagement!

1970 - Princess Cut Platinum Engagement Ring

During the 1970's the Princess cut Diamond was perfected and Platinum made its long awaited comeback! The Princess cut Diamond was initially designed by London cutter Arpad Nagy in 1961, but was made popular by Ygal Perlman, Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz. Collectively, they created the Princess cut diamond as we know it today. Priscilla and Elvis Presley's Gemstone engagement ring was also popular. This Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Ring would have been perfect!

1980 - Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the most famous engagement rings dates back to the 1980s. Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana in 1981 and gave her a stunning Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring. This sparked a spike in the sale of Sapphire Engagement Rings, and floral inspired rings became popular. We love this Sapphire and Diamond Ring because it is fit for a Princess.

1990 - Radiant Cut Trilogy Rings

The Radiant cut Diamond became popular, especially in Baguette style Trilogy Diamond rings (find out trilogy rings meaning ). With the likes of Posh and Becks announcing their engagement in 1997, alongside Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's Baguette cut Diamond ring, it wasn't hard to see how it became so popular. This Classic Radiant Cut Diamond and Baguette Ring would have suited the ‘90's.

2000 - Solitaire Diamond Ring

The traditional Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring started to make a comeback in the ‘00's, and intricate shoulder designs on Diamond and Gemstone Rings also became more popular. Ellen DeGeneres adorned a beautiful Marquise Diamond Ring with Leafing, and British comedian Russell Brand gave his former wife Katy Perry a Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring in 2009. We're in love with this Gold Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.

2010 - Halo Diamond Ring

From 2010 onwards bigger seemed to be better when it came to choosing the perfect engagement ring. On 20th October 2010 Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement, once again sparking an interest in Sapphire and Diamond Rings. In 2013 Rapper Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian with a $1.6m 15 carat rock that then saw a trend in Halo style rings. This Double Halo Infinity Ring would really break the Internet...

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