The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is on its way, and you should show your old man how much he means to you. Check out our Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide.

Father's has become a much celebrated day of the year, and is there to thank fathers and father figures, similarly to Mother's Day. In the UK, Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of every month, and is meant to complement Mother's Day.

The origin of Father's Day is believed to date back to 1908. Many historians believe that Grace Golden Clayton founded this special day, when she came up with the concept after a mining accident killed 360 men - 200 of which were fathers. The mining accident happened in Fairmont, West Virginia on December 6th 1907.

To show your love and appreciation for your Dad you should spend some quality time with him. Whether that means going out for a drink or staying in and having a chat, time is the most invaluable present you can give. If you want to get your old man a physical gift, then check out our gift guide. From a stunning diamond ring to a pair of diamond studs, it's impossible to go wrong.

Father's Day Gift Guide