Three Facts about Eternity Rings

Three Facts About Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are a beautiful gift to give to your beloved

An eternity ring is a dazzling piece of jewellery that represents everlasting love and loyalty. Due to its symbolism, it is a great gift for that extra special someone in your life. Usually gifted when you reach a milestone occasion (such as after the birth of a couple's first baby and for an anniversary).  Our expert jewellers at  Diamond Heaven  can craft the eternity ring of your dreams. Here are three facts about eternity rings.

1.Eternity Rings Date Back 4,000 Years to Ancient Egypt

The act of gifting an eternity ring to your lover dates back more than 4,000 years, around 2,000 BC. Ancient Egyptians would carve eternity rings out of bone, metal and beads, and give to their beloved as a symbol of everlasting love, which was represented by its circular shape.

2.They Are Worn on the Same Finger as a Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring

Traditionally, eternity rings are worn on your wedding ring finger - Egyptians once believed the vein from your heart ran through this finger. When choosing an eternity ring, you have the option of having a full eternity ring which has diamonds and gemstones running all the way around the band, or a half eternity ring, which would only have half the band covered with gemstones or diamonds.

3.They Can Only Be Made by Highly-skilled Jewellers

Eternity rings are intricate pieces of jewellery that feature complex designs. Because of this, only skilled jewellers can craft these stunning pieces, that echo the value and sentiment that goes with them. It takes a  team of jewellers to work on each individual area of the ring, in order to ensure that each part of the ring is perfect. Every tiny diamond is included in a strict set of measurements, where every craftsman has to produce a high quality ring.  As eternity rings are difficult to resize, jewelers must take extra care during every step of the process.

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