Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Aquamarine Diamond Ring

Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Aquamarine Diamond Ring

Were you born in March? Your birthstone is the effervescent aquamarine. The stone’s beautiful blue-green colour transports you to the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. Combining an aquamarine with a small array of diamonds on your ring gives it its signature shine. Here, we outline our tips to help you find your dream aquamarine diamond ring with a matching aquamarine pendant or earrings.

Consider an Aquamarine with a Round, Emerald or Oval Shape

Emeralds, round brilliants and ovals are the most popular aquamarine ring shapes. An emerald aquamarine is a classic choice, showcasing the gemstone’s full colour and beauty. Round brilliant aquamarines don’t have any sharp edges, making the stone difficult to chip. Oval aquamarines give the illusion of a larger gemstone. These three shapes allow the aquamarine to maximise its beauty and luminosity.

Choose an Aquamarine Ring with a Prong Setting

Getting the right ring setting is crucial to protecting and displaying your aquamarine’s appearance. The prong setting is a popular setting for an aquamarine diamond ring which allows more light to get to the stone. This helps it shine more showcasing that stunning ocean blue colour and keeping all the focus on the centre stone when complimented by smaller prong set diamonds.

Keep it Simple

It’s best to keep the aquamarine ring design and style simple. Solitaires are the quintessential diamond ring style, featuring a single aquamarine stone on the band. The versatility of a solitaire aquamarine ring means that you can wear it for any occasion, from awards ceremonies to meeting up with friends for brunch.

Look for an Even, Blue-Green Colour

The colour plays a role in how the stone looks. Aquamarines tend to have a mixture of light blue with a green or turquoise hue. When looking closely at an aquamarine, make sure there are no dark or light patches in the stone. We recommend comparing a few aquamarines to ensure you have one with an even blue-green colour that you will love forever.

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