The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year when you show your love and affection to that special woman in your life. If your Mum was born in March, why not buy her an exquisite, bright blue piece of Aquamarine jewellery? The birthstone for March. 

Diamond Heaven understands the importance of buying a meaningful Mother’s Day gift for your Mum. Our range of expertly crafted lab-grown and natural diamond jewellery comes in a variety of different designs, styles and shapes. Our Mother’s Day gift guide highlights the most incredible gifts that will make your mother smile.

Celebrate Your Mum’s Birthday with an Aquamarine Ring

Does your Mum’s birthday fall on the same day as Mother’s Day? Why not gift your Mum a beautiful aquamarine ring? Our Oval and Round Diamond/Aquamarine Halo Shoulder Set Gemstone Ring is the perfect present to give to your Mum. Combining the stunning ocean shimmer of the oval aquamarine, surrounded by a halo of round diamonds which creates the illusion of a much larger jaw-dropping ring. It’ll be one Mother’s Day and birthday gift your Mum will never forget!

Bring Some Sparkle with a Pair of Diamond Studs

Diamond stud earrings are a classic gift that you can't go wrong with. Has your Mum always wanted a pair of stunning diamond studs? Bring some sparkle to your mum’s Mother’s Day celebrations by buying a pair of Classic Round Diamond Stud Earrings. Round diamonds are renowned for their brilliance, making them the perfect shape for stud earrings. Whether you decide to choose a natural or lab-grown pair of round studs, these earrings will instantly become a staple of your mum’s everyday outfits.

Make Your Mum’s Anniversary Extra Special with an Eternity Ring

What better way to show how much you value your relationship with your Mum than by buying an eternity ring? This 5 Stone Round Diamond Half Eternity Ring features five intricately detailed round diamonds situated on the band. Whether your Mum is celebrating an anniversary or milestone, this half-eternity ring is the perfect way to say “I love you”. Do you need your eternity ring quickly? We offer quick delivery eternity rings to help you get the perfect eternity ring before Mother’s Day.

The Timeless Solitaire

Solitaires are a timeless jewellery style that never goes out of fashion. When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts to give to your Mum, it’s worth considering a lab-grown or natural solitaire diamond jewellery piece. Whether you want a Traditional Round Diamond Solitaire Ring or a Modern Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant, a solitaire is a great choice for a Mother’s Day gift.

Go All Fancy with a Marquise Cut Ring


Does your Mum want a gift that stands out from the crowd? With a marquise-cut diamond ring, you’ll have a ring that’s not just unique and flattering but is also glamorous. Like oval diamonds, a marquise diamond ring can appear larger when you see it worn on your Mum’s ring finger. This Marquise Diamond Hidden Halo Shoulder Set Ring is an elegant choice. Featuring an intricately designed marquise diamond, surrounded by a set of smaller round diamonds, adding that extra sparkle to the ring.

Gift your Mum a wonderful piece on Mother’s Day with Diamond Heaven. Don’t know what to buy on this special day? Why not book an appointment at one of our showrooms across the UK today? Our friendly diamond consultants can help you find the perfect gift to give your Mum this Mother’s Day.