What is an Asscher Cut Diamond?

What Is An Asscher Cut Diamond?

Originating back to the early nineteen hundreds, the Asscher Cut Diamond is one of the most classical and timeless cuts.

Here, at Diamond Heaven, our Asscher Cut Diamonds are just a small part of our beautiful collection of bespoke diamond rings. The cut offers a unique and stunning alternative to  more traditional engagement ring cuts, such as a princess cut diamond or round cut diamond. For many years, the Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring has been a popular shape, radiating brilliance and sparkle to the specially crafted gemstone. Fit for royalty, the Asscher Cut Diamond commonly features a set of straight edges and cut corners, formulating a four sided diamond cut. Often considered a square version of the more traditional rectangular emerald cut diamond, this stunning diamond cut oozes a uniquely subdued and elegant sparkle that is sure to draw any eye.

The History of the Asscher Cut Diamond

The Asscher Cut Diamond was first created in 1902, by Joseph Issac Asscher, who believed that the cut was the solution to finding the perfect radiance and brilliance out of a rougher diamond, and brought attention to the top of the gemstone. The result: a magnificent diamond shape that topped all classical looks. With 58 facets, its popularity peaked in the 1920s, and is recognised as a more "antique" or "vintage" cut by modern brides. However, when the Royal Asscher was introduced in the late 20th century, the cut made a comeback with the redesign now featuring a total of 74 facets and a raised crown. Using more modern diamond techniques, but preserving the classical design, it remains one of the more popular cuts for bridal jewellery.

Types of Asscher Cut Diamond Settings

The beauty of the Asscher Cut Diamond is it's versatility, as it suits a number of settings. Whether it's a vintage or modern inspired setting, the Asscher Cut Diamond is adaptably beautiful in each way. A halo setting is more commonly popular as it adds an extra sparkle and shine to the ring, drawing eye to the central stone. Whatever you're looking for, this uniquely stunning cut can be truly revealing to you and your style. Often associated with elegance and class, this cut is perfect for those looking for a timeless and classic engagement ring..

Regardless of how you decide to wear it, an Asscher cut diamond will speak volumes about who you are. These diamonds symbolise elegance and class, and are a great choice for women who love the look of emerald cut diamonds but want a square shape.

Choosing the Best Asscher Cut Diamond

If you think an Asscher cut diamond engagement ring is the one for you, there are a few things to consider before setting your heart on this beautifully cut design. Because the flat facing stone in this particular cut can make it easier for inclusions to be seen, it is often recommended that you consider a clarity of VS2. This, therefore highlights the beauty of the stone, without the worry of any inclusions being seen.

Choosing a colour is also very important. For an Asscher cut diamond, it is advised to select a diamond with a minimum colour of H, allowing the beautiful colour to still shine through without breaking the bank, making it the perfect compromise.

Our Favourite Asscher Cut Diamonds

Here, at Diamond Heaven, we can't help but fall in love with the beautifully crafted history and design of the Asscher cut diamond. Not only is it one of our most popular cuts, but its radiance and shine leads the way into modern traditionalism. As a result, we've pulled together some of our favourite Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings.

Asscher Diamond Shoulder Set Engagement Ring

This stunning Asscher Diamond Shoulder Set Ring is the perfect statement piece for those looking for a more traditional shoulder set design. The accompanying round diamonds that are delicately placed on each side add some extra sparkle to the ring, highlighting the brilliance of the central stone.  

Asscher Diamond Single Halo Shoulder Set Ring

As stated previously, a halo setting is the perfect pairing for an Asscher Cut Diamond and this beautiful cluster shoulder set ring is no exception. With Round Brilliant cut diamonds placed within the shoulders either side and around the centre stone in a Pave setting, this is one piece that is sure to sparkle the eyes of any wearer.

This unique diamond solitaire engagement ring consists of a singular Asscher Cut Diamond set within a four prong setting, on a plain polished solid shank. For those looking for a more classical and timeless piece, they will not be disappointed.

At Diamond Heaven, we ensure that all the diamonds in our Asscher Engagement Rings are sourced ethically and cut with the 4Cs in mind: Cut, Clarity, Colour & Carat. This results in a beautiful and timeless piece, that truly sparkles. For more information on our beautiful collection, book an appointment today or visit our support and finance page to find the best option for you today.