Gemstones for Autumn

Gemstones For Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful season with nature giving us a wonderful palette of colours as the leaves change and a wonderful set of sunsets. Known as the fall season in the USA, autumn is a truly special time of year, but you can buy and wear autumnal gemstones all year round. There are also birthstones related to months during the season, all with their own rich history and symbolism.

Read on below to explore the wonderful gemstones you can get for engagement rings, eternity rings and jewellery to enjoy this colourful season.

Blue Sapphires

While most people recognise sapphire as a beautiful blue gemstone, it is also the September birthstone which kicks off autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. The name sapphire comes from the Persian word, Safir, which translates as the beloved of Saturn. Today, most sapphires originate from Sri Lanka, Thailand and Australia. 

Blue is the most popular colour of sapphire, the gemstone can also occur in nearly every colour on the spectrum, except bright red. Throughout history, blue sapphires have grown in opulence as it was popular with royalty - the British crown jewels contain huge blue sapphires. Religious orders also use blue sapphires which started with the Ten Commandments being written on tablets made of sapphire.

Sapphires also symbolises sincerity, loyalty and faithfulness, making them perfect for autumn engagements, weddings and anniversary jewellery.

Yellow Sapphires

While blue is the colour most associated with sapphires, yellow is also a popular colour for many people. A yellow sapphire is popular with buyers as it symbolises prosperity and success, something everybody wants. In marriage, everyone hopes for prosperity and success together, making it a superb choice for an engagement ring. If you’re planning on an autumn proposal or wedding, the yellow, yellow-gold or yellow-brown hues available are ideal for the season. 


Autumn is all about appreciating nature in all its forms on air, land and sea. Even in its roughest form, a beautiful blue aqua gemstone is incredibly clear, making it a wonderful piece to add to any jewellery. Once polished, it turns into an alluring gemstone, making it one of the most popular in the world. The smell of water is quite prominent during Autumn, as the rain hits off the golden leaves as they tumble to the ground. Aquamarine symbolises health, courage and clear communication, making it a very popular gemstone in engagement rings.


Known as “the jewel of kings”, the mystical properties of emeralds makes them one of the most sought after gemstones in the world. While the ancients considered it a stone of fertility and immortality, most Western cultures relate it to the Planet Venus because of their matching green hues. Its pure green also brings connotations of nature, as you think of trees, plants and the green grass of home. With emeralds available in solid green, blue-green and yellow-green, whichever you choose makes it a perfect autumnal gemstone. 


Tanzanite is one of the most valuable stones in the world, especially those that give off the autumnal hue of blue-violet. The beguiling blue of the stone reflects the sky and marks the beginning of emotions and life. The stone exudes feelings of faith, trust and respect, ideal for wedding or engagement rings. A purple hue is ideal for autumn, as the darker tone looks towards the winter solstice. It also inspires mystery and magic, perfect when Halloween is celebrated during the season.


Ruby typically embodies love and passion, but it can also symbolise certain images we associate with autumn. Across the spectrum, rubies are available in as red as you want, but also options that have hints of yellow, blue and brown, bringing that autumn feel to a ruby. For many, the redder the ruby the better which to some also symbolises blood and violence, which we enjoy in our favourite horror films during Halloween. Its association with fire also brings us to thoughts of warmth and the bonfires of November 5th. Whatever you think of with rubies, they’re an incredible choice for any piece of jewellery, bringing a glow that will catch the eye of everyone who sees it.

If you’ve got a loved one who loves autumnal colours or has a birthday during the season, a beautiful piece of jewellery featuring the gemstones above will make an incredible gift. You can buy gemstone rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants and bracelets online at Diamond Heaven. The team is ready and waiting to help create bespoke diamond jewellery, featuring some of the finest gemstones available. 

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