How to make your wedding cheaper with Black Friday

How to Make Your Wedding Cheaper with Black Friday?

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, is the day where retailers offer incredible discounts on many items. It is now the second biggest shopping period, after Christmas, in the calendar. While many people use the sales event to purchase gifts at knock-down prices for the festive season, Black Friday also represents the chance to get everything you need for your wedding day.

From suits and wedding dresses to wedding rings and accessories, you can find everything you need for your big day and save big as a result. Get ready by reading below to find out how to make your wedding cheaper with Black Friday.

Get ready for the Black Friday launch

When Black Friday first launched in the UK, deals would be exclusive to one particular day or weekend. Because of the popularity of the sales, many retailers have now extended this across the whole of November, to capitalise on those eager to find a great deal or get an early start to their Christmas shopping.

You should monitor social media pages, email campaigns, and more to see what deals are being offered and if there’s anything you can cross off your list. You could easily get up to 50% off table items, footwear, jewellery and more by shopping around the Black Friday wedding deals.

Make a list  

Speaking of lists, it’s important that you make one. Do you need some stylish shoes? Do you need to shop flower girl and page boy clothes? Perhaps you need a cake topper and wedding stationery. Maybe you’ve been looking at diamond pendants or bracelets as wedding gifts for your bridal party.

No matter what items are on your list, you need to get specific. Are you eying up a particular pair of designer heels that could get discounted? If they appear in the sale, you can save money and have incredible footwear at the same time!

You should also know how much things cost in general, so you can identify how much you’re saving allowing you to allocate more of your budget elsewhere.

Remember that it’s very easy to fall down a hole with Black Friday deals everywhere where you end up buying items for your big day that you don’t need. You have a wedding budget and you should stick to it and only buy what you actually need to enhance your wedding day. 

Buy your big-ticket items first

There are lots of things to buy for your wedding on Black Friday, but you should prioritise the big stuff you need. You’ll find a lot of deals on bridesmaid dresses, suits, flights and even honeymoon accommodation where you can save a huge amount of money. Always prioritise items that are most likely to sell out as well, such as designer shoes and dresses in popular sizes.

Don’t just buy clothing

When shopping online for your wedding, you tend to restrict yourself to buying fashion items including shoes, accessories, suits and dresses. However, you can pick up lots of little things including candles, lights, photo printing, games, favours, photo booth accessories, decorations and maybe even some beer and wine!

Don’t rush your purchases

As mentioned earlier, Black Friday sales last longer than a day now. Also, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals apply in-store and online across the board. This means you don’t have to rush your purchases, camp out at a store or log-on to a site at midnight to get the best deals - unless you expect a certain item to sell out fast.

If you’re a few days into the event, don’t worry that you have bought nothing yet because there is still time. If you’re unsure about the sale price of an item, you don’t have to break the bank to secure. Take a breather, think about it, and only make a big wedding purchase if it’s the right one for you.

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