Getting the Right Ring Size for Your Engagement Ring Purchase

Getting the Right Ring Size for Your Engagement Ring Purchase

Planning a surprise engagement proposal? No proposal is complete without a stunning diamond engagement ring to confirm that you and your partner are engaged. However, you don’t want to play a guessing game when it comes to figuring out your partner’s engagement ring size.

There are many ways that you can figure out your partner’s ring size while keeping your proposal a secret to them. After all, you want to make sure that your engagement ring is a true reflection of your love and commitment to each other. Getting the right size engagement ring will ensure you have a successful proposal.

We’ve put together this guide to help you get the right size engagement ring for your partner. 

How do I Find the Right Size Engagement Ring?

The process of finding the right sized ring can be challenging, particularly if you’ve never bought a ring or any type of jewellery before. In the UK, the average engagement ring size for women is a M. Knowing the average ring size can give you an idea of where your partner falls in the sizing chart.

Here are a couple of ideas to help you find your partner’s engagement ring size.


Look Through Your Partner’s Jewellery Box 

Does your partner wear lots of jewellery? They’ll have plenty of rings available for you in their jewellery box to get an idea of their ring size. To get the best fit for their engagement ring, look for a ring that they regularly wear on their ring finger. Having this information will make it easier for a jeweller to guess your partner’s engagement ring size.

Get a Jeweller to Check Their Ring Size

Instead of figuring out your partner’s ring size, we can take the stress out of doing this for you. Visit your local showroom near you, where an expert consultant can take your partner’s ring size in-store. This means that you’ll have a ring that will fit on their finger when the time comes to propose.

Ask Friends and Family for Advice

Getting friends and family involved in the engagement ring buying process can be useful when it comes to finding the perfect ring to propose with. 

If one of your friends has recently got engaged, then it may be worth getting them involved by letting them try the ring on. They will give you feedback on whether the ring is too large or too small for your partner. It is a fantastic way of building up excitement ahead of your engagement announcement.

Sketch Your Engagement Ring

When it comes to figuring out your partner’s engagement ring, get one of their favourite rings that they wear and sketch the shape out on a piece of paper. 

It is crucial that you draw both inside and outside the ring, so our consultants have an idea of the ring’s diameter and circumference. Once you have done the sketch, take it to a showroom near you and they will be able to accurately predict your partner’s ring size.

Propose in Style with an Engagement Ring from Diamond Heaven

Making sure that you have the right engagement ring size is key to ensuring that your partner will wear the ring once you’ve proposed to them. By taking these tips into account, it’ll make buying an engagement ring easier.

Popping the question soon? You are never too far from a Diamond Heaven showroom as we have showrooms located all across the UK. Our experts will be on hand to make sure you have the perfect ring to ask that all-important question. Book an appointment at a showroom near you and we’ll help you create a moment that you two will remember for the rest of your lives.

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