How to propose on bonfire night

 How to Propose on Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder treason and plot!

Proposing on Bonfire night is super exciting and magical - it is sure to make a memorable engagement. For centuries we've all gathered together and made a tradition of celebrating the fact that Guy Fawkes and other members of the Gunpowder Plot failed to blow-up Parliament in 1605. 

From the sparkling fireworks to the crackling bonfire and delicious hot chocolate, it makes a wonderful backdrop for an incredible proposal.  If you're considering getting down on one knee and asking the question on November 5th, find out how to create the best proposal ever with Diamond Heaven.

Choose where you're going to do it

First things first, you'll need to decide where you're going to propose on Bonfire Night. Will it take place in public or in private? You should find out whether your partner would prefer a big romantic gesture in public, or something intimate between the pair of you, and go from there.  

Here are a few public bonfire nights in the uk where you could propose: 


  • Battersea Park Fireworks 

  • Southwark Fireworks Night 

  • Light up the Night at Wembley 

  • Crystal Palace Fireworks 


  • Birmingham Botanical Gardens Fireworks Display 

  • Lord Clifden in Jewellery Quarter


  • Bonfire Night at Platt Fields

  • Wythenshawe Park Bonfire and Fireworks

  • Buile Hill Park Bonfire and Fireworks Event


  • Sparks in the Park - Bute Park 

  • Pontypool Park firework display


  • Nae Fireworks Night

  • Glasgow Green Fireworks

Consider getting in touch with the organisers and see if you can plan something special? 

If you'd rather not do it in public, why not host in your own back garden with some close friends and family members? Get some fireworks, organise a buffet and when they least expect it, drop down on one knee!

Now choose an Engagement Ring that really sparkles

When you present your partner with their engagement ring, it will really sparkle under the fireworks exploding in the night sky. Brilliant white diamonds will reflect the moonlight, emeralds will echo the glorious greens in Catherine wheels and rubies will mimic the vibrant reds in horsetail fireworks. 

Under the fireworks, the engagement ring will sparkle and dazzle as beautifully as the stars above. Although make sure that you choose something that won't be upstaged by the sparklers. Here are four of our favourite fireworks inspired engagement rings. 

Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

This celestial citrine yellow diamond engagement ring is out of this world. The cushion-cut yellow diamond is secured in a four-prong setting, and surrounded by brilliant round cut diamonds in the shoulders.

Pear Cut Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

The deep blues in this sapphire engagement ring echoes the beautiful midnight blues of the night sky, and would be a great engagement ring to give to your partner on bonfire night! The sparkling side diamonds really enhance the pear cut sapphire. 

Round Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

This glistening green emerald engagement ring is perfect for those who love straying away from tradition and standing out from the crowd. The round emerald is secured in a four prong setting, and are surrounded by brilliant white cut diamonds that sit on the shoulders. 

Ruby and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Rubies are the ultimate symbol of love, and this red ruby and diamond engagement ring is perfect for a bonfire night engagement. The rich oval cut ruby is surrounded by brilliant white round cut diamonds that enhance the facets of the ruby. 

Once you've got your desired engagement ring, you just need to wait for Bonfire Night and propose! Good luck!

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