How to Get the Best Black Friday 2023 Engagement Ring Deals

How to Get the Best Black Friday 2023 Engagement Ring Deals

As the holiday season comes ever closer, Black Friday is a great opportunity to get the best deal on your perfect diamond engagement ring for that important Christmas proposal.

If you’re planning to pop the question this Christmas or New Year, make sure you take your time and  don’t rush the engagement ring buying process. After all, you want to make sure that you have the perfect ring to pop the question.

Black Friday 2023 officially takes place on Friday 24th November 2023, however we’re excited at Diamond Heaven to bring some incredible engagement ring deals early. We are now offering 10% off all of our made to order items, as well as 25% off our current stock items which are on sale now and we have a big engagement ring promotion coming up with £250 off our made to order engagement rings which will be applied on top of the 10% off discount already online today. (with a minimum spend of £1,500) Keep your eye out for this amazing promotion starting on 3rd November and lasting till the 30th November 2023.

Begin your search for the engagement ring of your dreams with our article about getting the best price in our 2023 Black Friday deals on our wide range of engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings.

Have a Good Idea of What Your Partner Wants

One of the first things when shopping around for an engagement ring is knowing which diamond shape your partner wants, and which type between lab grown and natural mined diamonds. There are a few things that you should do before deciding which ring to buy as part of your proposal.

You may want to search through your partner’s jewellery box, which may give you some hints about their jewellery style. metal type and jewellery taste they have. Alternatively, you may want to ask your partner’s friends and family and get their input on the type of engagement ring that they would like. Utilising this insight will help you find a ring that they will treasure forever.

Whether they want something more unique, such as an oval cut or a classic, timeless look, such as a round brilliant cut, our team of experts can assist you in finding the right ring for your proposal. If you are struggling to decide on a ring, our engagement ring buying guide can make this process easier.

Ensure You Are Buying from a Reputable Jeweller

When buying your engagement ring, ensure you buy from a reputable jeweller. Make sure you look at recent reviews on Trustpilot, which will give customers a good idea of the initial service and quality but also the aftercare and after sales service they provide.

Planning to buy your engagement ring with us? Diamond Heaven’s Trustpilot has nearly 2,500 reviews given by customers, where the majority have bought an engagement ring from one of our showrooms across the UK and shared their experience of our first-class customer service. This will help ensure that you have a stunning piece of jewellery when the time comes to pop the question, and the reassurance that we are there each step of the way to the big day.

Shop Around

Shopping around for the best deals is helpful, however always remember It is important that you make sure the jewellers who are holding Black Friday sales are genuine reputable companies. Researching several jewellers can help you know if you’ve chosen the best deal on your engagement ring.

Check the Jeweller’s Return Policy

It’s a good idea before buying your engagement ring to check the jeweller’s return policy. 

If your partner does not like their piece of jewellery, then it can give you peace of mind, knowing that you can return it, or look to exchange it for another one. Diamond Heaven has a wide variety of engagement rings in all different shapes and metal types so they will always have a suitable alternative to make sure it is perfect when it comes to exchanging the engagement ring to make sure it is everything your partner would want. 

We have a full 30-day money back guarantee in our returns policy for customers returning an engagement ring to us for distance selling, this can really help customers that are nervous and shopping from home. Alternatively, you may want to exchange your ring for something else. Like all jewellers, they state that Bespoke, engraved, heavily worn or damaged items will not be covered under the returns policy.

Bag a Great Engagement Ring Bargain with Diamond Heaven’s Black Friday Deals

Diamond Heaven is excited about Black Friday as we’re offering excellent deals that you cannot find anywhere else with our engagement rings. If you are planning to get engaged, our team of experts across our showrooms in the UK will make sure you have a ring that your partner will cherish forever.

We are offering £250 off our range of engagement rings from 3rd-30th November 2023, when you order a ring that’s over £1,500. Bag yourself an incredible 2023 Black Friday deal for your engagement ring by using the code SAYYES250.