The top 10 tv weddings of all time

The Top 10 TV Weddings of All Time

From iconic fictional weddings to royal nuptials, TV weddings are watched by millions every year. In fact, when it comes to TV characters or members of the royal family, we sometimes attach as much emotional significance to their weddings as we do to those of our friends and our own family. 

So, which TV weddings are amongst the most memorable in television history? Whether they gave viewers a glamorous glimpse into the lives of royals or symbolised the journey of beloved characters who graced our screens for many years, we list our top 10 TV weddings of all time. 

10. Lily and Marshall: How I Met your Mother

Generally regarded as the most stable couple on the long-running sitcom, Lily and Marshall were the couple which protagonist and hopeless romantic Ted used to fuel his faith that he too would find ‘The One’. 

Despite many mishaps on their special day, Lily and Marshall’s wedding ceremony was still a much quieter and simpler scene than the popular show’s usual loud scenes and complex plots. The last-minute decision to wed outside their chosen venue with their closest friends being the only ones privy to their nuptials made this an even more intimate and heart-warming TV wedding.

9. Jesse and Becky: Full House

When John Stamos’ rebellious character, Jesse, vows to help widower and brother-in-law Danny raise his three daughters, audiences witness Jesse’s transformation throughout the show into someone with more depth and a more wholesome side. 

His wedding to fan-favourite Becky was unforgettable and featured Jesse serenading Becky with his rendition of ‘Forever’. Their marriage also marks the start of his own journey to becoming a family man himself, as they later welcome their adorable twin boys.  

The iconic 90s sitcom represented the first major role for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and its sequel, Fuller House, will end in 2020. Although the Olsen twins don’t personally appear in the sequel, Fuller House still sees the other main characters reach further milestones, including Jesse and Becky adopting their third child and only daughter, Pamela: aptly named after Jesse’s late sister, whose death prompted Jesse’s lifestyle changes throughout the original show.

8. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

While royal weddings are always expected to be watched by millions worldwide, Harry and Meghan’s wedding is remembered so fondly because it broke away from long-established traditions. From holding hands before exchanging their vows to a lemon-elderflower wedding cake (rather than the traditional royal fruitcake), their wedding choices surprised many.

Harry proposed to Meghan with a yellow gold engagement ring, which features two diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection and a further diamond sourced from Botswana: where he and Meghan took their first holiday together. This was deemed an incredibly romantic gesture, as Harry thoughtfully incorporated stones from his late mother’s collection and a stone from a location close to his and Meghan’s hearts, to symbolise that Diana was still a part of their marital journey.

7. The Red Wedding: Game of Thrones

The most iconic TV weddings usually incorporate a few surprises, and Game of Thrones’ red wedding was no exception. While fans expected the episode to centre around the wedding of Edmure Tully and one of Walder Frey’s many daughters, things took an expected turn.

 Known by fans as ‘The Red Wedding’, the marriage itself served as a cover for a bloody revenge on Robb Stark for breaking his word and marrying Talisa instead of one of Frey’s daughters. The subsequent massacre saw the murders of Robb, his pregnant wife Talisa and his Mum Catelyn. This wedding stands out from the other ceremonies in the show, as it was overcome by the tragedy of young Arya Stark arriving to find she was too late to reunite with her family.

6. Burt and Carole: Glee

The wedding of Burt and Carole perfectly summarised the sweet, care-free elements of Glee. With highschoolers merrily dancing down the aisle, and new brothers Kurt and Finn celebrating their families’ union, this TV wedding was a milestone filled with uncompromised happiness. It proved that individuals with their differences can still get along and may even be stronger together; a lesson that clearly formed a prominent message throughout the show.

5. Prince William and Kate Middleton

The first royal wedding of the internet age, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding could even be enjoyed in HD. The royal couple were deemed by many of the millions of viewers who watched their ceremony take place to be the first of the royals to seem genuinely happy and in love on their wedding day. 

Kate’s wedding dress was incredibly elegant while William’s uniform attire was a reminder that although they seemed extremely approachable and remain likeable, this was in fact a royal occasion that would upload the many traditions associated with England’s rich cultural history. 

4. Jim and Pam: The Office

From the entire cast of The Office dancing down the aisle to nuptials that took place on a boat under the Niagara Falls, Jim and Pam’s wedding was filled with infectious merriment. It was truly a feel-good wedding that topped the sitcom’s comedic moments yet managed to include a heartwarming message.

3. Howard and Bernadette: The Big Bang Theory

The ideal balance between humour and heartfelt exchanging of vows, Howard and Bernadette’s wedding on the rooftop signified the first marriage of a main character of the popular sitcom. Of course, the fact that Howard was well-established as The Big Bang Theory’s aspiring ladies’ man who nevertheless expressed a desire to find someone he could commit to made this wedding all the more special.

The ceremony was visible from space, as it intentionally coincides with the Google satellite passing over Pasadena. This was a fitting nod to Howard’s journey to become an astronaut and also created a humorous scene in which Raj revealed his alternative career plan would’ve been to become a party planner, instead of one of the beloved scientists who form the main cast of this long-running comedy.

2. Prince Charles and Diana Spencer

Probably the most traditional British wedding to ever grace our screens, Prince Charles and Diana’s nuptials were so conventional that the fact it is still relatable to people of all generations today makes their wedding even more memorable. The iconic photographs of Britain’s beloved Princess Diana, and the sapphire engagement ring that is now worn by Kate Middleton, epitomise the elegance of this unforgettable royal. 

1. Chandler and Monica: Friends  

In true Friends fashion, Monica and Chandler’s wedding day was somewhat centred around Rachel’s pregnancy. With a comedic storyline that didn’t fail to disappoint, viewers eagerly-anticipated the reveal of who was actually pregnant, as Rachel once again stole Monica’s thunder. 

As Joey was their minister, having been ordained online, his hilarious yet heartfelt speech about giving and receiving, having and sharing love perfectly incorporated the beloved character’s limited vocabulary. However, it was Chandler conquering his renowned fear of commitment that really made this TV wedding our favourite.

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