Which finger do you wear an Engagement Ring on?

Which Finger Do You Wear An Engagement Ring On?

You may be wondering which finger do you wear an engagement ring on? We explore how you wear this ring with wedding and eternity rings on your finger.

When it comes to special events in any couple’s life, getting engaged is right up there, alongside the wedding. The moment when your fiancé gets down to one knee to propose is something that you and your partner will never forget for the rest of your lives. But you may be wondering which finger do you wear an engagement ring on?

While there are no set rules for how to wear an engagement ring, it ultimately comes down to which finger the ring is worn on. Wearing an engagement ring goes back to Ancient Rome where Roman women wore rings that were made of copper, bone and iron. The rings were worn to confirm mutual love and obedience to their fiancé or to signify a business contract.

This guide explores some engagement ring traditions, and explains which finger you wear an engagement ring on.

The hand and finger that the Engagement Ring goes on

An engagement ring is traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand (also known as the ring finger) in the UK. Wearing the ring on the left ring finger goes way back to Ancient Egyptian and Roman times. The vein on the ring finger is connected directly to the heart, which is known as the ‘Vena Amoris’ (Vein of Love).

It’s a tradition that’s been around for thousands of years and it still continues to this day. Many Western countries such as Ireland, France, Portugal, United States and Canada wear the engagement ring on their left finger. Those in countries such as Belgium and Germany traditionally wear it on their right hand .

While there are cultural traditions of wearing engagement rings, it’s ultimately down to personal preference with how you wear the ring. The engagement ring itself is a symbol of your love and devotion to your fiancé so it's important that you find the right ring size that fits perfectly on your finger.

How should you wear your Engagement Ring with other Rings?

When it comes to wearing your engagement ring with other rings, there are some things that you need to consider. If you are superstitious, then wearing another ring on your left ring finger could signal bad luck. 

Many people choose to wear engagement and wedding rings together. Once a couple has exchanged their vows during the wedding ceremony, they may wear the wedding ring first and then the engagement ring second. In some instances, the engagement ring is worn on the left ring finger while the wedding band sits on the right ring finger.

Wearing an engagement ring with other rings, may be a little more tricky. While you can wear an eternity ring alongside your wedding and engagement rings, you may also decide to spread out the rings across their hands. For example, you may decide to wear your engagement ring and wedding ring together on your left ring finger, with an eternity ring that sits on your middle finger of the same hand.

Some couples may also decide to buy engagement, eternity and wedding rings together as a set, so that they fit easily and comfortably on your partner’s ring finger.

Engagement Ring traditions from across the world

There are different global cultural traditions when it comes to wearing engagement rings. In the West, a fiancé proposes to their partner by giving them an engagement ring, while other countries elsewhere have different approaches to getting engaged.

Argentine couples receive engagement rings that are used for both the engagement and wedding ceremony. During the period of engagement, the couple will wear the engagement ring on their right ring finger. Once married, they will then switch the ring over to their left hand.

In Ireland, a traditional engagement would involve the groom being invited to attend a meal at the bride’s home, which is known as The Binding. The future mother-in-law would cook goose for dinner as the guests wait and negotiate over how the groom cares for his bride and her parents.

After everyone has enjoyed the feast, the groom will typically pop the question with a ring and hoping their partner will say yes to their proposal. These are just a few of the engagement ring traditions that may take place globally.

Is it worth wearing your Engagement Ring every day?


We recommend not wearing your engagement ring every day, in order to avoid damaging it. Your ring can be vulnerable to daily wear and tear if it’s worn on a regular basis, which can leave the stone chipped or the metal scratched.

If you are doing physical activities such as swimming or washing dishes, you should remove the ring to reduce the risk of the ring being damaged. It’s also worth considering removing your ring before bed to avoid it falling off in your sleep. Doing this will ensure your ring will look just as good as when your fiancé first proposed to you. 

It’s worth getting your engagement ring cleaned and checked by a professional jeweller a few times every year to make sure your engagement ring continues to sparkle on your finger.

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