8 types of Diamond Jewellery that every party goer must have

8 Types of Diamond Jewellery That Every Party Goer Must Have

Struggling to find a jewellery set to wear for a party? Here are 8 diamond jewellery sets that party-wearing attendees must.

Every person has their own story to tell behind the pieces of jewellery they own. For some people, the jewellery holds a personal meaning, while others see it as an accessory. Having the right jewellery set for your party wear is essential as it transforms what you’re already wearing into a stunning-looking outfit.

Getting the right party wear for a party is an important part of ensuring that fellow attendees shower you with compliments about your outfit and jewellery. Wearing a few pieces of diamond jewellery can elevate a simple dress into an outfit that looks incredible.

If you’re someone that enjoys going to parties, then here are 8 types of diamond jewellery sets for party wear that every party goer must have.

Diamond Ring

The versatility of diamond rings means that this type of jewellery is not exclusively worn by people who are engaged or married. Most people wear gold or silver rings, but if you want to make a statement, then it’s worth wearing a diamond ring at a party.

Diamond rings can be worn by both men and women for all sorts of occasions, which also includes parties! While we stock all sorts of diamond rings in our collection, a gemstone diamond ring is sure to turn heads among fellow party attendees.

Our Unique Single Blue Sapphire Vintage Filgree Style Ring is not only beautiful, but can add a luxurious look to your party outfit. The vivid blue sapphire gemstone in the middle of the ring will shine brightly on your finger as you enjoy the night with your fellow party goers.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are a must have piece of jewellery. Similar to diamond rings, diamond studs work extremely well for any sort of outfit for a party, which includes simple dresses to a t-shirt and jeans.

If you’re running late or undecided about the outfit you want to wear for a party, pop some diamond studs on and a dress and you’re away. You can be adventurous with the shape of the jewellery, such as wearing heart or pear-shaped diamond studs.

To make a statement with your party outfit, we recommend going for the Modern Marquise Diamond Stud Earrings. The combination of marquise-shaped earrings with a simple floral dress will attract many attendees to give compliments about your outfit.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Elegant and versatile, two words that sum up diamond tennis bracelets. Wearing a tennis bracelet on your wrist can add some sophistication to your outfit, which makes it tailor made for parties.

With there being different types of tennis bracelets to choose from, such as single-row to four-row, it’s all about finding a style that’s right for you. We recommend sticking with the tried and trusted single row diamond tennis bracelet, which looks stunning on the wearer’s wrist.

The Classic Single Row Diamond Tennis Bracelet will add some sparkle to the dress you’re wearing for a party. Not only will it shine bright during the day, but also on the dancefloor as you dance the night away with your fellow party goers.

Diamond Pendant

When it comes to the most common piece of jewellery that women own, it has to be a diamond pendant. Trying to style a pendant with your party wear can be tricky as it can be easy to pick a conventional shape, such as a heart or petal.

While both pendant shapes can be used for party outfits, we recommend being unconventional when it comes to the shape of the pendant. A star-shaped pendant, such as the 0.70Ct Pave Set Round Diamond Designer Pendant is sure to make your party wear stand out from everyone else. 


Diamond Necklace

If you want to turn your party outfit up a notch, it’s worth wearing an exquisite diamond necklace. The combination of a patterned dress with a diamond necklace will make your party wear stand out from other attendees.

When picking a diamond necklace, you need to factor in the weight and design of the jewellery. If you choose a necklace with those two things in mind, you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing the piece of jewellery around your neck.

Our Round Diamond & Ruby Necklace will elevate your party wear to new heights for any parties you attend. The bright red rubies in the centre of the necklace, combined with diamonds will compliment a brightly-coloured dress beautifully and make you the centre of attention at the party.

Diamond Bangle

In terms of diamond jewellery pieces for party goers, it’s worth making a statement to a party with a diamond bangle. Rather than wear multiple bangles on your wrist, having one shiny looking bangle will add some glitz and glamour to your outfit.

The timeless design of the diamond bangles means that they’ll never go out of fashion as you can wear them to as many parties as you’re invited to all-year-round. To complement your blue dress, we recommend pairing it with a beautiful Oval Shaped Princess Diamond Set Bangle.

Diamond Gemstone Bracelet

If you’re looking for an alternative to a tennis bracelet, then it’s worth going for a diamond gemstone bracelet. While any bracelet works well with any party outfit you wear, the colours of the gemstones can turn your outfit into one that’s unique and stylish.

While any gemstone (emerald and ruby) works incredibly well with a bracelet, it’s worth going for a 2.25 Ct Elegant Diamond & Blue Sapphire Bracelet. With its round cut diamonds and blue sapphires, party attendees will notice your bracelet from a mile away while you are enjoying a drink or two.


Lab Grown Pendant

For a more environmentally friendly alternative to natural diamonds, consider wearing a lab grown pendant as part of your party outfit. A lab grown pendant looks just as good with a simple dress compared to a natural diamond pendant, which makes this type of jewellery easy to style.

When it comes to picking a lab grown pendant to wear to any party, it’s worth going for the Stylish Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant. The round diamond solitaire pendant combined with its 9ct curb chain will ensure that it fits around your neck beautifully as you party long into the night.

How Diamond Heaven can find a Diamond Jewellery set that works for any party you go to

With there being so many different types of diamond jewellery to choose from, it can be overwhelming picking one that’s perfect for parties and special occasions. Diamond Heaven can help find a diamond jewellery set that’s right for your party outfit.

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