Top Tips for Finding Topaz Jewellery

Top Tips for Finding Topaz Jewellery

Topaz is known for its vibrant blue colour, which is said to be reminiscent of the ocean and sea. Many believe this beautiful gemstone can help you channel your inner wisdom and find your path to success in life. Do you plan to treat your loved one this anniversary or birthday? Diamond Heaven’s top tips will ensure you have a stunning topaz ring, pendant or pair of earrings to add to your ever-expanding jewellery collection.

Look for an even, vivid colour

You can find topaz in various colours and completely colourless, which the untrained eye can see as similar to a diamond. Over centuries, there have been times when royal jewellery dating back to the 17th century has had to be analysed as the diamond crowns worn back then had to be re-assessed. This was because the diamonds they believed were set in them were colourless topaz. Today, we can see various colours of topaz stones in all different carat weights and sizes, including yellow, pink, green, orange and red. However, the colour that most people associate with topaz is bright blue, almost indistinguishable from aquamarine. The most common shades of blue topaz are said to be:

  • Sky blue topaz
  • Swiss blue topaz
  • London blue topaz

We recommend looking at various topaz gemstones to ensure you have a stone for your ring, pendant or earrings that you’re happy with. A perfect topaz should have a vivid, even colour and not look blotchy or dull from any angle. This is how you can rest assured you will treasure it forever and it will hold a lovely value.

Examine the clarity


Clarity plays a crucial role when selecting your topaz jewellery. You should check with a jeweller's loupe for inclusions or blemishes within the stone. Topaz has particular inclusions that are quite common to the naked eye that are called:

  • Tear-shaped cavities containing gas bubbles
  • Cracks
  • Streaks
  • Veils

All these inclusions are natural and occur to the topaz when it forms in the earth. These inclusions will not change and are the evidence you want to see in your topaz to know it is natural. However, you want to ensure that these are not situated in the gemstone’s centre or ‘heart’ where they can detract from its beauty. To get the most out of your topaz diamond ring or pendant, view a few stones, compare them and look closely for inclusions or blemishes. This will help you decide what you prefer clarity grade-wise and help you decide on the stone that is right for you. Ensure you choose a high-clarity topaz to complement your pendant as it needs to stand out when it sits on a chain around the neck. This showcases the topaz’s bright vibrant colour, thus giving it its signature sparkle.

Consider the size of your topaz

When shopping for topaz jewellery, you should consider the size of the stone. The size and shape can make a huge difference to the sparkle and vibrancy of the colour, depending on the cut and clarity of the topaz. The bigger the topaz, the more you’ll pay for your jewellery as bigger carat weights are rarer. Speak to our team to find the perfect-sized topaz for your pendant or ring.

Check the origin of the gem

Knowing where the topaz came from for your jewellery is crucial to ensure you have a conflict-free gemstone. Despite being mined globally, the best topaz is said to come from Brazil. Check what certification comes with your Topaz gemstone as some certificates will issue you with the country of origin. All the topaz pendants we offer come from conflict-free sources, and we abide by the National Association of Jewellers Code of Practice. We take great lengths to ensure each topaz stone comes from a conflict-free area.

Treat your loved one to a transcendent, topaz jewellery piece from Diamond Heaven. Have you got an idea of a topaz necklace or ring you’d like but would like to design it yourself? Book an appointment at your nearest Diamond Heaven showroom today, where our diamond consultants will ensure you have a piece of topaz jewellery you can wear for any occasion.