The Rise of Rose Gold: One of 2022's Hottest Trends

The Rise Of Rose Gold: One Of 2022's Hottest Trends

The rose gold trend has emerged as a major jewellery trend in 2022. We explore the rise of this precious metal and our favourite rose gold pieces.

One of the hottest jewellery trends to have emerged in 2022 is the rose gold trend. Compared to yellow and white gold, rose gold (also known as pink gold or red gold) is by far the most beautiful gold colour. It’s become so popular that you may notice someone on the street sporting a piece of rose gold earrings or rings with their outfit.

No matter which hue of rose gold you go for with your jewellery, the colour of this precious metal is perfect for all skin tones. From engagement to wedding bands and eternity rings, wearing a ring in this colour instantly adds elegance to any outfit you wear, whether that’s in a formal or informal setting.

Our guide explores the emergence of the rose gold trend, as well as our favourite pieces from our collection.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is made up of pure gold, mixed in with other metal alloys such as silver and copper. It’s worth noting that rose gold is not made completely out of gold as the more copper used, the redder the gold becomes. 

When it comes to a common rose gold mix, it’s 75% gold and 25% copper for an 18 karat piece of jewellery. Similar to white gold, no pure rose gold exists. The major benefit of rose gold jewellery is that it's less resistant to tarnishing overtime compared to other gold colours.

Despite rose gold being one of the most durable gold colours, it needs to be cleaned and polished regularly to maintain its shiny look.

Why is Rose Gold a Trend?

Rose gold jewellery has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years and has become a major jewellery trend for 2022. It’s fashionable among women as its pink hue adds a modern and romantic feel to any outfit, whether that’s with a t-shirt and jeans or with a dress. No matter what rose gold hue you go for, it’s a flattering colour for jewellery.

Rose gold jewellery complements other gold-coloured jewellery beautifully. We recommend pairing a rose gold diamond ring with a white gold tennis bracelet, which combines both old and trendy pieces very well. There are two carat options available for rose gold when it comes to choosing jewellery in this gold colour, which are 14 and 18 carat. 

Engagement rings in particular benefit from rose gold as its pink hue makes it look elegant on your partner’s ring finger.

Should you be wearing Rose Gold Engagement Rings?


Rose gold engagement rings are a fantastic alternative to white and yellow gold rings. This gold colour works incredibly well on all skin tones, which makes it a great choice when planning your engagement proposal. When it comes to durable metals for engagement rings, rose gold can handle whatever activities you throw at it.

Buying a rose gold engagement ring is both trendy and modern, particularly if you are working on an engagement proposal that’s outside the box. Pop the question with a rose gold engagement ring and your partner’s guaranteed to say yes to your proposal. She’ll have a ring that will make her stand out from the crowd when it comes to eye-catching jewellery.

Our Favourite Rose Gold Pieces

At Diamond Heaven, we love Rose Gold jewellery, which includes our wedding bands to necklaces, engagement rings and much more. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to white and yellow gold jewellery, you cannot go wrong with Rose Gold.

Here are some of our favourite rose gold pieces from our collection that will look good for any occasion.

Blue Sapphire Cushion & Pear Diamond Trilogy Ring

When it comes to engagement ring styles, the diamond trilogy ring is an excellent choice in terms of planning your engagement proposal. Combine that with a stunning blue sapphire gemstone and you have the Blue Sapphire Cushion & Pear Diamond Trilogy Ring.

The rose gold metal makes the Blue Sapphire Cushion & Pear Diamond Trilogy Ring stand out from the crowd. Its ring design features a blue sapphire centre stone in a central claw setting, with two pear cut diamonds on either side of the sapphire. 

At £1,030, it’s one of our most affordable rose gold engagement rings that we have in our collection. 

Classic Single Row Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets are a versatile piece of jewellery that can be worn for just about any occasion. From wearing the bracelet with a watch to featuring it with your everyday outfits, it’s an elegant piece of jewellery that shines brightly on your wrist.

The Classic Single Row Diamond Tennis Bracelet is an excellent choice when it comes to a piece of diamond jewellery that you can wear every day. If you want to make your tennis bracelet different from your regular pieces of jewellery, then why not add rose gold to give it a more modern look.

If you are looking for a perfect present to give to someone special in your life, then you cannot go wrong with a Classic Single Row Diamond Tennis Bracelet. At £2,210, it’s one of the cheapest diamond tennis bracelets that we offer.

Round Emerald & Diamond Cluster Earrings

Diamond earrings look incredible on any person’s ears, which is down to the sparkly appearance of the diamonds. If you want to add a modern touch to your earrings, then it’s worth getting the Round Emerald & Diamond Cluster Earrings in rose gold. 

The combination of the rose gold earrings combined with the emerald gemstones in the centre look absolutely stunning. These earrings are excellent if you are looking for a present to give to a family member or friend. 

At £1,495, they are great for people who are shopping around for rose gold diamond earrings on a budget.

Buying Rose Gold Jewellery from Diamond Heaven

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to buying rose gold jewellery from Diamond Heaven. Our team of experts will be on hand to help you find your ideal rose gold ring, pendant or necklace to buy for yourself or as a present for a friend or family member.

Our 0% finance option will allow you to spread the cost of your Rose Gold jewellery. You can pay from up to six months with a minimum 10% deposit on any piece of Rose Gold jewellery you’ve bought from Diamond Heaven.

Want to stay on the Rose Gold trend? You can get 10% off your Rose Gold jewellery order by using the code SUMMERSPARKLE. Make it a summer to remember by getting your friend or partner a piece of rose gold jewellery from Diamond Heaven today.