Six ways to wear Tennis Bracelets for any Occasion

Six Ways To Wear Tennis Bracelets For Any Occasion

Tennis bracelets are versatile pieces of jewellery that can be worn for various occasions.

Some types of jewellery are ideally suited for specific occasions, such as engagement rings and wedding rings. However, there is one piece of jewellery that can be worn for any occasion and that’s the tennis bracelet.

The bracelet was made famous by tennis player Chris Evert, who lost hers at the 1987 US Open. That iconic tennis match led to that particular style of bracelet being renamed as the tennis bracelet. Tennis players who have worn this iconic piece of jewellery include Emma Raducanu and Serena Williams.

The versatility of tennis bracelets means that they can be worn every day. Diamond Heaven have a wide range of diamond tennis bracelets to choose from that can elevate your outfit and are suitable for a wide variety of occasions.

We have listed six ways that you can wear a tennis bracelet for any occasion.

 What are Tennis Bracelets?

A tennis bracelet are slim bracelets, generally made of white gold or silver, that feature a row of stones, usually natural or lab-grown diamonds.

Why is it called a Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis Bracelets got their name thanks to ex-professional tennis player Chris Evert, who’s diamond bracelet broke during a match prompting her to stop the match to fix it, ever since the name has stuck!

Make it part of the Bride’s Wedding attire

Apart from the wedding ring, another important piece of jewellery that can be part of the bride’s attire is the tennis bracelet. Wearing a tennis bracelet can complement the bride’s dress beautifully or it can be given as a present from the bride to her bridesmaids.

If you’re looking for a stunning-looking piece of jewellery to give to your bride, we recommend giving her a single row tennis bracelet. The Classic Single Row Diamond Tennis Bracelet with round cut diamonds will add some sparkle to her outfit when she walks down the aisle on her wedding day.

How to wear a Tennis Bracelet with a Watch

Wearing a tennis bracelet with a watch can add a sophisticated look to an everyday outfit. Whether you decide to wear the bracelet and watch on one side of your wrist or on separate wrists, it can even out the sparkle of the bracelet. This look is great as it keeps the sparkly look of the bracelet without detracting from the watch.

We recommend wearing this bracelet with a designer watch for some added style and glamour. It’s important that the watch you wear matches your bracelet style so that it looks great on your wrist. The elegance of the Single Row Princess Diamond Tennis Bracelet when worn with a watch complements your everyday outfits beautifully.

Add other pieces of jewellery alongside the Bracelet

The versatility of the tennis bracelet means that you can wear it while wearing other pieces of jewellery. The fun and fresh aesthetic of the bracelet means that it can be combined beautifully with other pieces.

When it comes to wearing this type of bracelet alongside other pieces of jewellery, it’s worth combining it with a simple pendant. By adopting this style, it can help highlight both pieces. This style works best with a Round Diamond Double Row Tennis Bracelet, which can add that extra wow factor to your outfits. 

Wear the Bracelet its own

Although this type of bracelet can be worn with a watch or other jewellery pieces, a tennis bracelet can also be worn on its own. They are perfect as a standalone piece when worn for any occasion as they provide the right balance of style and sparkle.  

The bracelet has the freedom to slide up and down your wrist, which works very well with summer and short-sleeved outfits. When it comes to finding the right everyday bracelet to wear on its own, we recommend wearing the Unique Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet in White Gold.

Include the Bracelet as part of your everyday outfits

From working in the office, to a night out, a tennis bracelet can be worn as part of your everyday outfit. It’s worth noting that you should avoid wearing the bracelet when showering or sleeping to avoid the possibility of it losing its sparkly look.

While four row tennis bracelets should be reserved for special occasions, wearing a single or double row bracelet will add some sparkle to an outfit. When it comes to choosing the right bracelet for your everyday outfits, wearing the Classic Double Row Diamond Tennis Bracelet will make you stand out from the crowd.

Save it for special occasions

Tennis bracelets are incredibly versatile and can be worn with your everyday attire, or with an outfit for a special occasion. Wearing a bracelet at birthdays, weddings or corporate events can enhance your outfits and make them more elegant and sophisticated.

When it comes to wearing tennis bracelets for special occasions, you can decide on the type of bracelet you want to wear. To make your outfit more luxurious, a Round Diamond Three Row Tennis Bracelet will definitely add some sophistication and glamour.


The elegance and timeless look of tennis bracelets makes them an incredibly versatile piece of jewellery that can be worn for any occasion. They make for a perfect gift that can be given to your bridesmaids at your wedding or to a loved one as a birthday present.

If you’re looking to buy a tennis bracelet as a gift for a loved one or for yourself, our team of experts at Diamond Heaven can help find the right bracelet style for you. You can book an appointment at one of our stores, where an expert will be on hand to find a stunning-looking diamond tennis bracelet that you’ll never want to take off your wrist.